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Cruises to Jamaica

Cruises to Jamaica

Jamaica may be the third most populous English speaking country in the Americas, but believe me when I tell you they put their own twist on the language, "mon." Jamaicans speak what is known as Patois, which combines English with Caribbean Creole. Their whole culture is influenced by both Britain and the traditional Caribbean way of life.

Known as a party island, a cruise to Jamaica won't disappoint with reggae clubs and lots of Red Stripe beer. But Jamaica offers much more than a party. The island has beautiful beaches in Ocho Rios and Montego Bay where you can snorkel, scuba and soak in the striking Caribbean sunshine.

Adding to its natural beauty are the majestic Blue Mountains, which on a clear day can be seen from Cuba. This mountain range is famous for producing Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, which is highly sought after because of its mild and less bitter flavor. Jamaica also boasts the beautiful Dunn’s River Falls, which you can actually climb up because the rocks have formed a natural version of a staircase. These photogenic falls were used as backdrops to movies like Tom Cruise’s Cocktail and the first James Bond film, Dr. No.

After a long day of exploring the mountains and hiking the falls or a busy night dancing in the famous dancehalls, make sure you sample the island's most famous dish: Jamaican jerk chicken. This island staple is sure to add a kick to your step. And a cruise to Jamaica just isn’t the same without it.

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