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Photo Highlight
Whether bigger is actually better depends on the preferences of the cruiser. However, most modern cruise ships are still sizeable vessels. This shot, provided by our own Dana K., beautifully demonstrates just how big these ships really are.
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President's Message Celebrating 15 Years in Business
Is Bigger Better?
That is the question, or rather the topic, of this month's Current. Intimacy certainly has a place in our hearts. However, when we want over-the-top excitement, huge variety of choice, sizzling amenities from A to Z, and grand opportunities to meet new friends and enjoy new experiences, nothing beats big cruise ships, big itineraries and big ports of call!
Enjoy the photos, articles, surveys, and content in this month's newsletter, brought to you by one of the largest (are you feeling the theme here?!) independent cruise retailer teams in North America!
Frans G. Hansen
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Employee Profile
Rosalind Smith: Business Development Manager
Rosalind Smith
Business Development Manager
Charters, Incentives, Meetings & Events at Sea
Interests: Food, wine, music, travel & spin classes
Favorite Itineraries: All Seven Seas
Pets: Two exotic birds - Lilly, a Yellow Crested Cockatoo and Polo, a Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot
This month's employee profile focuses on one of the Cruise Web's biggest personalities, Rosalind Smith! When you first meet her, you almost get the sense that she has missed her calling and should be on a stage somewhere in Vegas or Broadway. However, once you start talking to her about travel and cruising and experience her boisterous spirit and captivating personality, you realize why she belongs in the cruise industry.
Rosalind brings this enthusiasm and passion to her position, taking care of our big business, which, in the cruise industry means private ship charters, corporate incentives, meetings, and special events at sea. "We could not have designed a position to fit any better, well maybe if I resided on a cruise ship! I am in a 'feel good' business and enjoy providing an unforgettable experience. I get to play a part in companies and organizations celebrating, rewarding and/or recognizing the people that make it happen" said Rosalind, who sends her clients around the world, regardless if it is a retreat for 12 board members, an incentive for 35 employees, a meeting of 150 associates and their guests or a private full ship charter for up to 5,000 people.
Does Rosalind steer her clients towards her own favorite locales? "The world is my favorite itinerary. Really, I couldn't possibly select just one itinerary or port of call. That's like asking me 'what is your favorite wine'? It all depends on the mood, the purpose and what you hope to gain from the experience. Perhaps a port of the week for every itinerary?" (she laughs), "They are all so uniquely different that it depends on the specific purpose of the journey!"
The Current Spotlight: World Cruises
by Brandon B., Senior Cruise Consultant
After reading Said's "Homeports: Busting the Myth," I rushed to my hometown to get my Philly cheese steak fix. I walked into Jim's on South St. and ordered the usual: whiz without, with mushrooms and sweet peppers. The steak was gigantic and I couldn't help but think, "Man, sometimes bigger is just better." This is true of many things: a big Terps basketball win over Duke, a big bone-in rib eye on the Emerald Princess, and the big, brand-new Oasis of the Seas.
While these things are wonderful to me, a big value is something we can all appreciate. This is why we all enjoy cruising! Though one of the biggest values that many cruisers do not know about is the World Cruise.
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BIG Ships
by Jen C., Cruise Consultant
Ready, Get set, Go! The race is on to see which cruise line can launch the biggest ship with the most attractions at sea. It all began with White Star Line in 1912, who at the time decided to build the "Grandest" passenger ship at sea. Ship building has come a long way in 97 years...
In the modern era of "BIG" ships, Royal Caribbean has led the way. Each ship designed is bigger and better then the last, and traditionally, the largest ship in the industry.
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