Viking Cruises Announces Viking Expeditions to the Arctic, Antarctica and Great Lakes

Viking Expeditions Cruise Ship in Antarctica

First came Viking River Cruises. Next, Viking took to the seas where Viking Ocean Cruises delights guests with luxurious accommodations, unique itineraries and extraordinary cultural experiences—but Viking’s guests wanted more! In true Viking Cruises fashion, the demand for more was answered emphatically, and Viking Expeditions was born!

Launching with two expedition ships, Viking Polaris and Viking Octantis, guests will be able to see the world, differently, starting in 2022. The ships will be intimate, holding just 378 guests, and feature technology that will brave any conditions to allow guests to delve into the Arctic, Antarctica, The Great Lakes and more! Inside, though, is breathtaking. Luxuriously appointed staterooms grace the entirety of the ship with design influences coming from the clean-cut, modern style of Scandinavia.

Viking Expedition Ship Top Deck

Viking Resident Scientists have curated special onboard programming in conjunction with professors from the renowned Cambridge University. Paired with equally special itineraries, the Viking Expeditions experience is sure to wow from pole to pole with inaugural voyages exploring the Arctic, Antarctica and The Great Lakes:

The Arctic

Brave the cold of the Arctic, but in the luxurious accommodations of a Viking Expeditions ship! Watch the crystal blue ice float into the horizon as your fellow expeditioners looking carefully for wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, the Arctic is an incredible place to spot animals and sea life that don’t reside anywhere else. Keep your eyes open and your camera at the ready for a shot of polar bears, arctic foxes, or maybe even the remains of a remote human settlement.


Despite all of our exploration and technological innovations in the last century, humans have barely scratched the surface of Antarctica—an appropriate idiom for those who know that this desert-like environment is comprised of ice sheets that are two miles deep in some cases! Just like its Arctic counterpart to the North, Antarctica is teeming with majestic wildlife, like Gentoo penguins, albatross, whales and the adorable earless seal. As far as unique goes, Viking Expeditions hit the nail on the head with their Antarctica programming, which is complete with an undersea dive in a private submarine and the chance to assist actual researchers with their work as a “citizen scientists” onboard Polaris and Octantis!

Viking Expedition Zodiac Adventure

The Great Lakes

Unlike anywhere else Viking sails, The Great Lakes allow guests a chance to delve into an unheralded destination that will make them say, “Wow, these lakes ARE great!” These itineraries give guests the chance to experience a melting pot of cultures while they sail to spots like Thunder Bay, Toronto, Milwaukee and Niagara. There are so many incredible things to experience when you cruise The Great Lakes with Viking Expeditions, so we’ll just give you some highlights: Look up—a bald eagle! Now down—a moose! Up again—you’re in the Milwaukee Art Museum, looking at a painting of the tranquil Georgian Bay. Don’t blink! Now you’re in a kayak on the St. Lawrence River, the sun is setting and life is good—you chose Viking Expeditions!

Whew—that is a lot of information to take in. But don’t worry, your cruise consultant is here to make sense of it all and find the vacation you deserve. Call The Cruise Web today at 1-800-377-9383 for more information on Viking Polaris, Viking Octantis, and the revolutionary Viking Expeditions.

People Out in Viking Expedition Zodiac

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