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  • Celebrity Galapagos Cruises Flora Cruise Ship

    Celebrity Galapagos Cruises: The Complete Guide [VIDEO]

    Visiting the Galapagos Islands on the board of a Celebrity Cruises’ ship will definitely be the experience of a lifetime. This route destination is fairly untouched by humans, but this makes Galapagos even more interesting to sail! Rich wildlife and breathtaking volcanic islands combined with a warm, pleasant climate are sure to please even the […]

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  • 5 Of The Best Places To Cruise This Summer

    Are you planning to go on a cruise this summer? If yes, don’t consider only the most popular destinations, like the Caribbean or Mediterranean. There are so many less crowded routes for a cruise in summer 2022, so you can easily choose one that meets your requirements. Let your cruise be the most unforgettable and […]

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  • Itinerary Map - Courtesy of Crystal Cruises

    10 Incredible Itineraries You Have to Sail to Believe

    This article is for anyone who has ever seen pictures of a destination, and then visited it in person only to discover that the real thing somehow falls short of the Photoshopped, carefully cropped photos. Why? Because what follows are ten of the most incredible cruise itineraries that you have to see sail to believe—cities, […]

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  • 10 Must-see Animals of the Galapagos

    In 1835, renowned scientist Charles Darwin set foot in the Galapagos Islands and thus began the notoriety for the wildlife that inhabit the beautiful archipelago. A five week trip to these islands changed Darwin’s views and inspired On the Origin of Species, one of the most well-known biology texts from the time period. Today, nearly […]

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  • Zodiac tour in Galapagos

    Silversea Announces Silver Origin, Exclusively for the Galapagos

    In 2020, Silversea Cruises brings understated Italian luxury to the Galapagos on their first ever destination-specific ship, Silver Origin. When cruising the Galapagos on Silver Origin, guests will be treated to an extraordinarily immersive experience that can only be had with Silversea. The all-suite Silver Origin, featuring regionally inspired cuisine and a team of Ecuadorian […]

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  • Expedition Cruises

    By The Cruise Web, Inc. Like James Cook, Vasco da Gama or Marco Polo, you can set out on your own expedition to parts unknown (at least unknown to you) via an expedition cruise. An expedition cruise is one where you are being active in an exotic locale. You are getting out into the elements, […]

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