Travel Resolution: See America

Choose TravelReady, can you name all 50 states? I’ll wait…
Ok, how many did you get?
Don’t be shy… there are a lot of states out there and sometimes its hard to remember all of them. We think every state you missed deserves a trip. If you’ve been to that state you’ll probably remember it next time.
So this year why not resolve  to learn more about the United States.

For 2014 I resolve to travel around America.

America is really a vast and wonderful place to see. Our country is bigger than many and offers a wide variety of vacation options.
For those looking to learn about colonial times, a cruise through New England with stops to see the Freedom Trail in Boston would be an incredible experience. Here you see where the American Revolution started as ideas and then progressed to a war. Boston was home to many of the nation’s leaders like John Adams and later John F. Kennedy.
St. Louis' Gateway ArchA river cruise along the mighty Mississippi River, made famous by Mark Twain, is a great option for those looking to learn more about the roots of jazz and southern culture in the country. On this cruise you can visit New Orleans, a city that was once ruled by the French and the British before it became one of America’s most treasured places. You will visit St. Louis in Missouri, where Lewis and Clark set off to discover the wild wild west.
The West Coast of the U.S. offers the glamour of Los Angeles along with the wonderful flavors of the Napa Valley wine country. On a Pacific Coast cruise you will see how diverse even one state can be, from the perfect weather of San Diego to the wind sweeping through your hair as you sail under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
A cruise is also the perfect option for visiting the nation’s newest states:
Alaska is a wild wonderland and a cruise affords you the opportunity to spend time exploring the land while still seeing the beautiful glaciers that line the coast. On an Alaskan cruise you can go on a dog sled, pan for gold and delight in the tasty king crab and fresh salmon that come from the cold waters. You can even extend a cruise with a cruise tour to visit Denali National Park where you might spot a grizzly bear or elk.
The islands of Hawaii are hard to maneuver, so cruising is the best option to travel from Kauai to Oahu and Maui. The islands are a slice of American paradise. You’ll enjoy the fresh fruit and beautiful scenery along with the friendly people. Hawaii was formed from volcanoes, so a trip to Volcano National Park is imperative. You can also take a surf lesson or head out to spot some whales in the water. No visit to Hawaii is complete without a luau where you’ll experience Polynesian traditions at this outdoor barbecue.
Ok, so what state(s) did you miss and how can we help you plan a cruise there?
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