South Pacific & Tahiti

Blogs about cruises to the South Pacific and Tahiti.

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  • Couple on the beach on one of The Cruise Web's adults-only cruises

    Navigating Paradise: The Best Adults-Only Cruises

    Frequently Asked Questions about Adults-Only Cruises Best Adults-Only Cruise Destinations Best Cruise Lines for Adults-Only Cruises What are Adults-Only Cruises? Imagine a serene voyage across crystal-clear waters, where relaxation and rejuvenation take center stage. Now, envision this journey without the hustle and bustle of little ones, a tranquil escape for adults seeking pure indulgence and […]

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  • Seabourn Expedition cruise in Neko Harbor, Antarctica

    A Day in the Life on a Seabourn Expedition Cruise

    For travelers who have been everywhere, or seen everything, there is always more to discover on a Seabourn expedition cruise. From the polar bears in the Arctic to the penguins on the ice continent of Antarctica, ultra-luxury expeditions with Seabourn take guests to the most remote destinations on the globe. But what exactly is an […]

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  • Best Cruise Destinations Banner

    Most Beautiful & Best Cruise Destinations In The World

    Are you planning to go sailing in the near future and still doubting which scenic cruise destination is best? We are ready to introduce you to the top cruises with magnificent nature that are worth your visit! Keep in mind that everything looks different from the decks of a cruise ship, so don’t miss your chance […]

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  • 5 Of The Best Places To Cruise This Summer

    Are you planning to go on a cruise this summer? If yes, don’t consider only the most popular destinations, like the Caribbean or Mediterranean. There are so many less crowded routes for a cruise in summer 2022, so you can easily choose one that meets your requirements. Let your cruise be the most unforgettable and […]

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  • Seabourn Sojourn on Sea

    Seabourn Announces New Extended Explorations Sailings

    By The Cruise Web, Inc. Have you always wanted to travel the world? Have you experienced all the ‘standard’ cruise destinations and you’re itching to experience somewhere new and exotic? If you answered yes to these questions then the newly announced sailings from Seabourn are perfect for you! Seabourn, an ultra-luxury cruise line, recently revealed […]

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  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia

    Paradise Found: Cruising the South Pacific

    The picturesque islands of the South Pacific are a tropical paradise inhabited by beautiful people and surrounded by unbelievably clear waters – and cruises have made it all more accessible than ever before. Depending on the cruise line, you can either fly directly to one of the islands (usually out of Los Angeles), or cruise […]

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