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Most Beautiful & Best Cruise Destinations In The World

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Are you planning to go sailing in the near future and still doubting which scenic cruise destination is best? We are ready to introduce you to the top cruises with magnificent nature that are worth your visit! Keep in mind that everything looks different from the decks of a cruise ship, so don’t miss your chance to encounter the beautiful glaciers, fjords, deserts, and wildlife. In this article, you can discover the best cruise destinations to choose for your sailing.


Best Cruise Destinations: Norwegian Fjords Collage

Our list of the most beautiful cruises starts with the trip to Norway. This unforgettable cruise route offers cascading waterfalls, mountains with their wildlife, and of course, scenic fjords. The clear waters greatly complement the countryside of Norway. While you can notice the breathtaking views at every corner throughout the Norwegian itinerary, the most beautiful spots remain Sognofjord and Geiranger Fjord on the way to Sweden. There are many options to feel the Norwegian atmosphere. You can refer to a cruise with a range of city ports, go to the land excursions, or take one to Oslo. Anyway, you won’t miss your chance to enjoy seeing impressive Norwegian fjords!



Best Cruise Destinations: French Polynesia Collage

One of the best cruise destinations is in French Polynesia for multiple travelers. Beautiful lagoons, crystal blue waters combined with beaches rich in white sands – this itinerary remains a favorite for tourists from different world regions. The cruise usually incorporates ports like Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Huahine, Moorea Island. The volcanic peaks and the scenic waterfalls won’t leave anyone indifferent in French Polynesia!



Best Cruise Destinations: Antarctica Collage

Usually departing from South American ports, the cruises in Antarctica are most unusual and exciting for your sailing. This itinerary covers the rich wildlife to view from the deck of a cruise ship, including whales, penguins, seals, and many Arctic birds. The wilderness of Antarctica is something worth seeing at least once in a lifetime! Moreover, the Antarctic route often includes ports like Deception Island, Half Moon Island, and the Lemaire Channel; by visiting, you can fully discover the countryside and feel the unforgettable atmosphere of this ice continent.



Best Cruise Destinations: Alaska Collage

Since no roads lead to Glacier Bay National Park, taking a cruise remains the best idea to see the beautiful ecosystem of Alaska. This scenic cruise lets guests view the breathtaking fjords, ice walls, and tidewater glaciers, apart from discovering the Alaskan wildlife – dolphins, sea lions, and orcas. Even though the Alaskan region is quite chilly, passengers can easily observe the fantastic nature from the warm deck of a cruise ship.



Best Cruise Destinations: French Riviera Collage

One of the best cruises in the southeast corner of France is known as the French Riviera. The blue waters in bays and amazing sceneries are often associated with Riviera’s French harbor. The key ports in this route include Monaco, Nice, and Cannes. The luxury cruises in the French Riviera are the favorite choices for celebrities.


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