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A Day in the Life on a Seabourn Expedition Cruise

Seabourn Expedition cruise in Neko Harbor, Antarctica

For travelers who have been everywhere, or seen everything, there is always more to discover on a Seabourn expedition cruise. From the polar bears in the Arctic to the penguins on the ice continent of Antarctica, ultra-luxury expeditions with Seabourn take guests to the most remote destinations on the globe. But what exactly is an “ultra-luxury expedition”? When most think expedition, the first thought is roughing it, but not with Seabourn. This is a whole new experience, allowing guests to explore regions of the world they have never been, all in the luxurious, all-inclusive comfort Seabourn is known for. Stay with us, as we take you through the day in the life of a Seabourn expedition cruise.


After waking up and enjoying breakfast, either in your expertly appointed suite or with friends at The Colonnade on Seabourn Venture, your adventure begins. Climb onboard a Zodiac and embark on a morning of discovery. If you’re in Antarctica, you’ll approach the shoreline in search of penguins – if you’re lucky one might hop onboard for a ride! If you’ve chosen an expedition in a more tropical destination like the Amazon, your Zodiac will allow you to explore the rainforest, teaming with wildlife that you can’t see anywhere else.

Penguins swimming by Seabourn zodiac tour


Before hopping back onboard your luxury expedition vessel, will you choose to continue adventuring? During this time, it’s really up to you! Head to the Landing Zone for your lifejacket fitting and kayak through the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, or climb back onboard and hit the spa for the best massage you have ever had.

Arctic kayaking and a massage on Seabourn Venture


Time for lunch! The options are endless onboard Seabourn, and you can pick what you want! Grab some finger food from the bar in the Expedition Lounge, sit down for a meal at The Restaurant or the buffet at The Colonnade always has your favorites served fresh.

Colonnade Buffet on Seabourn Venture


Now THIS is exciting. An experience you can only have on a Seabourn expedition cruise: Dive deep into the waters of your destination on a personal submarine! Carrying just 6 passengers, these incredible deep sea vessels take you to places that few eyes have ever seen, deep under the surface of the ocean. Many guests opt for this, even though it is not included, as it’s a truly unique experience. For most, the favorite destination for experiencing the submarines on a Seabourn expedition cruise is the South Pacific, where your submersible is surrounded by vibrantly colored sea life and coral reefs.

Seabourn expedition cruise submarine


You’ve spent the day exploring the nature of your destination, but now it’s time to get to know what makes a place so special: the people. Dive head first into the cultures of your destination by engaging in traditional celebrations, exploring landmarks with the local guides or even enjoying a classicaly prepared regional dish in the home of a local! An Seabourn expedition cruise is so special not only for the experience, but the connections made with the locals, your destination, fellow travelers and most importantly, with yourself.

Cultural exploration on a Seabourn Expedition cruise


Speaking of fellow travelers, what better way to end a day than with a gourmet meal at The Restaurant? Sit with friends, discuss your escapades of the day, share tales of global galivants and enjoy each other’s company. During your meal, regardless of background, all Seabourn expedition guests have one thing in common at dinner time: they are all looking forward to the adventures of the day ahead.

Guests enjoying dinner at Colonnade on Seabourn Venture

That sounds like a pretty incredible day if you ask us. And on a Seabourn expedition cruise, you get at least 7 days of this. Mixed in with the incredible experience, however, are the little moments that make this a cruise you will never forget. Seabourn expedition cruises are designed for those who are looking to explore the most remote destinations in the world in luxurious comfort. Learn about a few of the destinations you can explore on a Seabourn expedition onboard Seabourn Venture or Seabourn Pursuit, and make sure to call our experts at 1-800-377-9383 when you’re ready to plan!

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-The Cruise Web Team