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  • Determining Your Cruising Style

    Cruising began as a means of transportation, a way to cross oceans either as wealthy persons flaunting their wealth and their couture gowns in first class, or as a poor immigrant traveling in steerage, basically traveling with the few clothes you possessed.
    Times have changed since the 1920s when long gowns and tuxedos were required after 6:00pm for first class passengers. Cruising in the 21st century is all about our need to feel relaxed on vacation and to get away from the restrictions of “work” dress code. Each of the different cruise lines today offer a range of dress codes from super-casual and “country club” casual all the way to “elegant” dressing. For most cruise lines, it basically comes down to casual attire during the day, bathing suits with cover-ups in the restaurants for breakfast and lunch, and no jeans and t-shirts in the dining room at dinner. On most evenings, men will feel comfortable in nice pants and collared shirts (think Polo shirts) and ladies can get away with almost anything, including dressy Bermuda shorts, capri pants, nice slacks, sweaters, blouses, dressy tees and sundresses.

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  • Cruising Around a Round

    A golf outing is a popular and logical addition to a cruise vacation, but have you ever considered a cruise vacation built around golf? For a group of golf enthusiasts, a well-planned cruise could turn into the golfing adventure of a lifetime. For example, I recently had a group of 24 take a Caribbean cruise specifically for golf. They all came back from their trip raving with positive reviews not only for the golfing destinations but also the cruise itself. While the Caribbean has its share of beautiful courses, it’s not the only destination well-suited for golf. Read on for some of the most popular golf destinations available to cruisers.

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  • Nightlife at Sea

    I’ve often felt that the most bittersweet hour on any cruise vacation begins once the ship pulls away from port and starts sailing towards its next destination. You brood over all the memories and magic of the day and wish you could have spent just a little more… time. You had a glimpse of paradise, and now it’s gone.
    It’s amazing, though, because the moment you step away from that railing, and stop staring at that rapidly shrinking island, it’s like you find yourself suddenly transported onto the nexus of Las Vegas, Broadway, South Beach, and your local ‘Good Times’ bar, all rolled into one! The nightlife on contemporary cruise ships is incredible and simply has to be experienced.

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  • Workin' on Our Night Moves

    No matter where your “night moves” take you, if you’re on a cruise ship, you’re probably going to have a good time. This month, we’re highlighting the variety of nighttime activities available at sea with another employee compilation. Continue reading as our team shares their favorite nightlife activities:
    Adam W.
    “Movies Under the Stars” on Princess Cruises is very cool, especially watching movies and sports on chaise lounges on warm Caribbean nights!

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  • Singles Cruising Tips

    Cruising as a single is a wonderful way to vacation. You are able to do as you please and be on your own schedule. It is also a great away to get away from everything and just relax! Some of The Cruise Web staff members have some wonderful tips for you when traveling as a single.

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  • Theme Cruising

    Theme cruising is a way to bring together people who share common interests, hobbies and passions, and combine it with the cruise experience. A theme cruise is an excellent way to meet others who share your interests and passion on a particular subject. Most groups dine together at dinner time, so you’ll have a chance to really get to know others in the group.
    What is a Theme Cruise?
    Theme cruises can take many forms, but are usually a “regular” cruise with enhanced or additional programming onboard. This programming can run the gamut from seminars, to classroom style sessions, to hands-on learning sessions, to concerts or dance themes – the possibilities are endless. Themed programming typically takes place on board the ship, but sometimes the events will take place in port to coincide with an event taking place there. Examples of that might be the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, the Chelsea Flower show, or Jazz in the Norwegian Fjords.

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  • Wildlife Sightings

    Many of our employees have been fortunate enough to experience the beauty of wildlife in its natural habitat, whether from a ship, underwater, or on good ol’ dry land. From any vantage point, it’s truly incredible (if sometimes scary) to witness animals in the wild.

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