Singles Cruising Tips

A compilation from The Cruise Web employees.
Cruising as a single is a wonderful way to vacation. You are able to do as you please and be on your own schedule. It is also a great away to get away from everything and just relax! Some of The Cruise Web staff members have some wonderful tips for you when traveling as a single.
Ellicia A.
Making New FriendsPartaking in shore excursions is a great way to meet new people who enjoy some of the same activities as you. Also, I tend tend to visit the same establishments on the ships each day and meet people who also become “regulars.”

Viviane T.
When booking dining for your cruise consider anytime dining and ask for a larger table, it gives you the opportunity to meet new people everyday.

Merry K.
When cruising as a single I do things that I want to do, things that my friends would not want to do. I recommend signing-up for shore excursions and meeting other people with similar interests.

Andy G.
Take advantage of all the activities.  Read the daily planner each night and GO to those that interest you.  You will meet people and have a great time!
Heather W.
I personally like traditional dining when traveling with a friend.  It takes me awhile to warm up to people so the comfort of the same tablemates at dinner allows me that time.  Over the course of the week, we learn a lot about each other and typically follow up even after the cruise.
Susan E.
Cruise lines are becoming more aware of the trend in singles cruising and are creating great options for single travelers to get a good value on accommodations. For example, NCL offers studio cabins and Cunard’s Queen Victoria and Carnival Cruise Lines have single occupancy inside cabins.

Bed for ClothingKen C.
Personally, I enjoy having the beds pushed together to create a nice queen size bed all to myself. But, you could also have the beds kept separate and use the second bed
as a luggage stand.
Yvonne M.
I recommend reviewing the daily newsletter and joining the activities on the ship. Don’t stick your nose in a book; there are plenty of other singles onboard. In fact, several of my clients have met their spouse on a cruise!

RelaxingTina C.
I have clients who enjoy cruising by themselves because it gives them the freedom to do what they want, when they want and not have to worry about others.

Susan C.
Recently when I was aboard the Celebrity Equinox I noticed that near the guest relations desk there was information posted on a board about where singles could meet.
Christle B.
Holland America has a single share program that allows you to room with another single passenger.  It’s a great way to save money on the single supplement rate.
Ron P.
NCL Studio
A great alternative when booking a cabin is to see if the cruise line offers rooms for single travelers. On NCL’s newest ship, the Epic, they offer a studio cabin, which is perfect for a single traveler. The rooms are near other studios with a singles lounge nearby where guests can mingle with other single travelers.
Mark G.
Cruise lines tend to run specials that offer great savings.  For example, Oceania Cruises just announced a promotion that saves single passengers a lot when they book select 2011 sailings.
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