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  • Kindle the Spark: Romance at Sea

    We’ve all heard the fairytale where the prince and princess ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after. We’ve seen the movies where the star-crossed lovers have missed connection after missed connection only to unite in a dramatic fashion at the Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower or other international landmark. But what happens […]

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  • Name Brands at Sea: From Barbie to Blue Man

    Brand names have been jumping aboard and sailing the high seas in the past few years in an effort to connect with their target consumers while on vacation. Whether it’s a branded show in a cruise ship theater, a coffee shop or a themed cruise, some of the biggest brand names in the world are […]

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  • Seven Sins of Cruising: An Infographic

    Embed this image on your site! Simply copy and paste the code below into your website: Embed this image on your site! Simply copy and paste the code below into your website: The Cruise Web, Inc. 1-800-377-9383

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  • The Seven Sins of Cruising

    While going on a cruise is definitely an angelic experience, we all know that sometimes when we’re on vacation we let some of our normal inhibitions go, which can lead to some “sinful” behavior. As they say, what happens at sea stays at sea. Don’t worry though, a cruise is meant for you to loosen up and let go of your inhibitions. Let’s see how many of these “sins” sound familiar to you.

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  • Seven Steps to Cruise Sainthood

    Now that we have uncovered all the “sinful” behaviors [link to seven sins] many cruisers indulge in during their vacations, here are some tips on how to have a good time, while keeping those sins at the dock. This post will tell you how to avoid each “sin,” but of course it’s your vacation, so don’t do anything that wouldn’t make you happy.

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  • Thanksgiving on a cruise in the Bahamas

    Celebrating the Holidays at Sea

    Many people are wary about spending their favorite holiday away from home. Traveling during Christmas, New Years or Thanksgiving can mean missing out on your favorite traditions, but that doesn’t have to be the case. This Thanksgiving my family decided to break from tradition. Instead of traveling to someone’s house and sitting down for a home cooked meal, we decided to forgo the hassles of driving and cooking. We took a cruise to the Bahamas.

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