Workin' on Our Night Moves

A compilation by The Cruise Web employees.
No matter where your “night moves” take you, if you’re on a cruise ship, you’re probably going to have a good time. This month, we’re highlighting the variety of nighttime activities available at sea with another employee compilation. Continue reading as our team shares their favorite nightlife activities:
Adam W.
“Movies Under the Stars” on Princess Cruises is very cool, especially watching movies and sports on chaise lounges on warm Caribbean nights!
Mike H.
MartiniOn my last cruise, our group found out that they were selling 2-for-1 martinis in one of the lounges for happy hour. I felt like James Bond, except I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t catch Mr. Bond with two bright pink drinks in his hand.
Heather W.
Royal Caribbean has a game called The Quest (kind of like an adult scavenger hunt), which is hilarious and a ton of fun. I also enjoy watching the Newlywed game.
Yossi M.
When I’m on a cruise, I love to go out to the nightclubs and show off my dance moves.  On my last cruise, I did “the worm” in the middle of a circle of people that were cheering for me.  Afterwards, I grabbed some pizza at 3am since I had worked up an appetite from all the dancing.
Andy G.
While I love nightlife on a ship; the shows, bars, casino, lounges, etc… one of my favorite things to do is after Sunseteverything has wound down, my wife and I grab one last glass of wine and bring it back to our room. There we sit out on the balcony, sharing memories of the day and discussing our ideas for tomorrow. It is so quiet and peaceful out there, the perfect end to an always amazing day on a cruise ship.
Caroline T.
I enjoy going to the casino and being around the high energy of the fellow cruisers all trying to win some money. Or I can also be very happy spending time on the deck in a nice lounge chair taking in the fresh air, listening to the movement of the water against the ship while looking at the stars and spending time with friends.
Merry performing karaokeMerry K.
My favorite is karaoke. Any night it’s on, I’m there!  It’s a fun way to cut loose with your friends. I love picking the funniest song I can find and singing my heart out, no matter how bad I sound!

Seth W.

Like Merry, I also enjoy the karaoke. Unlike Merry, however, I don’t have the guts to participate so I just sit back, relax and hope for some entertaining (read: bad) singers.
Steve R.
Though I enjoy the ship’s evening activities, I’m sometimes so exhausted after a long day onshore that I just retreat to my cabin to unwind and order in some room service. Besides, food always tastes better when you’re lying in bed.
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The Cruise Web, Inc.

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