Two New Playlist Productions Aboard Carnival Panorama

As if it wasn’t exciting enough that Carnival Panorama debuts this December, two new Playlist Productions will be coming on the maiden voyage as well! A total of four Playlist Production shows will be featured on Carnival Panorama, two of which are the well-known favorites from Carnival Horizon, Soulbound and Celestial Strings. The two new productions, Rock Revolution and Broadway Beats, will feature new technology, special effects, and iconic songs.

  • Rock Revolution: Features a three-person rock band and horn trio belting out rock classics from the Woodstock era, but modernized with contemporary choreography and dancing drones.
  • Broadway Beats: High-tech LED screens bring New York City to life—from subways to skyscrapers—with electronic dance music and exciting musical twists on Broadway classics.

Many people wonder what exactly a “playlist production” is compared to a Broadway-style show. A “playlist production” is mix of songs from the same era or in the same style; just like a playlist that you’d create on Spotify. This type of production is more song heavy than a Broadway show, with less time allotted for spoken lines and plot thickening. For many cruisers, this type of production is perfect because of the time commitment. Broadway shows usually run for 2 hours or more, while these playlist productions are around 30 minutes. This way guests can enjoy the entertainment while still having time to hit the casino or bars before calling it a night.
On this voyage of firsts, Carnival will be implementing the use of dancing drones in their new productions. During high energy dance numbers, these drones will collaborate with performers to create a brand new visual element to the show experience. The creative costuming of the productions channels the bright colors of the psychedelic ‘60s and well-loved New York City icons. LED backgrounds are also utilized in both productions, making it possible to transport viewers to Burning Man or Manhattan within a matter of seconds!
“From performing drones to new music genres and a keen attention to costuming, décor and theme details, these shows prove how innovative our productions have become and raise the bar on our offerings in a fun, creative and unique way” said Kerry Stables, creative director of Carnival Productions.

In addition to the four playlist productions, Carnival Panorama will feature the long-time favorite “Lip Sync Battle”, various styles of live bands, and the South Beach-inspired Serenity Nights Party.
To find out how you can be one the first to catch these stellar new productions aboard Carnival Panorama, call The Cruise Web’s expert consultants at 1-800-377-9383.
SOURCE: Carnival Cruise Line
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