Viking River Cruises Christens 18 River Ships

The Explorer Suite on a Viking Longship. Photo courtesy of Viking Cruises.In the past five days Viking River Cruises has christened 18 new ships all over Europe, setting a new Guinness World Record and breaking their previous record of 10 christenings in 2013. This week, nine of the ships were christened in Amsterdam, four in Rostock, Germany, three in Avignon, France and two in Porto, Portugal.
All of these ships are Longships which are modeled to provide river cruisers with the best experience onboard. They feature the Aquavit Terrace, which is a dining venue that can go from indoor to outdoor in minutes. Each of these Longships feature two Explorer suites, the largest suites on the rivers, with 445 square feet and 270-degree wraparound verandas. These ships also feature a sun deck with an organic herb garden and ecologically-friendly hybrid engines.
All of these ships will start sailing itineraries in Europe. Keep reading to find out about all 18 of the ships that were christened.

Ship Name Itinerary Name Origin
Viking Alsvin Grand European Waltz; Danube Waltz Alsvin is a horse that pulls the sun across the sky.
Viking Baldur Grand European Tour; Danube Waltz; Tulips & Windmills Baldur is the son of Odin, he is beloved by gods and mortals.
Viking Bestla Grand European Tour; Rhine Getaway The mother of all gods, Bestla is a giant.
Viking Buri Portraits of Southern France The first god, Buri was created by a cow.
Viking Delling Grand European Tour; Romantic Danube; Tulips & Windmills Delling can be translated to shining one.
Viking Eistla Grand European Tour; Romantic Danube Eistla is a wave maiden who brings fertility and harmony to people.
Viking Gullveig Rhine Getaway Gullveig is a sorceress who loves gold.
Viking Heimdal Portraits of Southern France Heimdal guards the gods.
Viking Hemming Portugal’s River of Gold Hemming is an actual Danish king who helped establish peace between the Danes and the Franks.
Viking Hermod Portraits of Southern France; France’s Finest A son of Odin, Hermod is the messenger of the gods.
Viking Hlin Grand European Tour; Romantic Danube; Heart of Germany Hlin is a goddess who protects and shelters humans.
Viking Idi Grand European Tour; Danube Waltz Idi is a frost giant who inherited gold from his father.
Viking Ingvi Rhine Getaway It is believed that Ingvi is the ancestor of Norwegian kings.
Viking Kara Grand European Tour; Romantic Danube; Heart of Germany Kara is a Valkyrie, which is a warrior woman.
Viking Kvasir Grand European Tour; Rhine Getaway Kvasir is so knowledgeable there is no question he cannot answer.
Viking Lif Grand European Tour; Danube Waltz; Tulips & Windmills Lif is a man who survived the destruction of the world and helps repopulate it again.
Viking Magni Grand European Tour; Rhine Getaway; Tulips & Windmills Magni is the son of Thor and he is believed to be stronger than his father.
Viking Torgil Portugal’s River of Gold Torgil and his brother were the first Northmen to conquer Dublin.

 Which ships and itineraries entice you? Are you interested in cruising on a European river like the Danube, Douro or Seine?

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