Princess Cruises Debuts Ocean Medallion

Princess Cruises’ hotly anticipated Ocean Medallion has arrived! This November, Princess Cruises began introducing the Ocean Medallion on board, and in so-doing has revolutionized cruising and opened the door for incredible new vacation experiences.
What IS Ocean Medallion?
Ocean Medallion is a groundbreaking – and complimentary – new experience exclusive to Princess Cruises. Designed to provide personalization as never before realized, seamlessly integrated ship-wide, Princess Cruises’ Ocean Medallion leverages state-of-the-art technology to create an amazing cruise vacation. The Medallion is the ship and crew’s portal to your encrypted digital profile, where customizable notification and privacy settings let you decide which features to enjoy.

The actual Medallion device is a quarter-sized disc that can be carried or worn in a variety of ways, including on a wristband or necklace. Put it on and watch the magic unfold, starting with a streamlined boarding process so you spend less time in line and more time enjoying your vacation!
And that’s just the beginning – the true scope of Ocean Medallion’s enhancements are realized after you step onboard! Each personal Ocean Medallion is connected to a custom profile that allows onboard staff to better anticipate guests’ needs and provide personalized service to suit any preference – such as delivering drinks, recommending excursions and locating kids.

Onboard, the Ocean Medallion experience is separated into six categories: DineOcean™, ShopOcean™, PlayOcean™, Ocean Navigate™, Ocean Medallion Destinations™ and Ocean Memories™. Continue below to learn more about each.
With Ocean Medallion, you can make specialty dining reservations or have food and drinks delivered to you without leaving the comfort of your poolside lounger or theater seat. And if you have to dash away from the bar to snap a photo of the whales breaching alongside your ship, the staff will find you to deliver your drink at your new location!

Still traumatized from your latest Black Friday shopping experience? Well, you’ll delight in the perfect ease of shopping aboard Princess Cruises with the Ocean Medallion, featuring touchless checkout and shopping from anywhere onboard – complete with personal delivery!

Customize your personal digital Tagalong™ and compete against fellow guests in a variety of interactive onboard games, including casino games.

Ocean Navigate™:
Enjoy keyless entry into your stateroom, find friends and family, receive directions to onboard locations and message fellow guests.

Ocean Medallion Class Destinations™:
Learn about your itinerary and browse suggested excursions chosen based on your unique profile preferences. Plus, with Ocean Medallion, you can keep track of upcoming ports and book shore excursions so you never miss out on new experiences!

Ocean Memories™:
Your Ocean Medallion will facilitate the quick and easy sharing of photos. It’s never been easier to order prints and keepsakes of your favorite vacation memories!

Before Ocean Medallion is available fleet-wide, each of Princess Cruises’ ships has to be outfitted with Medallion portals and thousands of ship-wide sensors – not to mention the extensive staff training required to accommodate the Medallion and prepare for real-life use. While the complete rollout of Ocean Medallion will take a few years, the Regal Princess just returned from her first voyage with the new technology. During what Princess Cruises is referring to as the “preview cruise period” aboard Regal Princess, Ocean Medallion features will be activated in phases through spring of 2018.
In the coming months, Princess Cruises will introduce Ocean Medallion to the following destinations: Caribbean (starting November 2017), Europe (starting April 2018), Panama Canal (starting April 2018), Alaska (starting May 2018), Canada & New England (starting September 2018), South Pacific (starting October 2018) and Australia & New Zealand (starting November 2018).*
For help planning your Ocean Medallion cruise with Princess Cruises, call The Cruise Web today at 1-800-377-9383.  Our experienced cruise consultants will find you the perfect itinerary to experience the innovative Ocean Medallion firsthand!
Which Ocean Medallion feature are you most excited about?
* Ocean Medallion start dates vary by ship; subject to change.
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