Is a Northbound or Southbound Alaska Cruise Better?

Is a Northbound or Southbound Alaska cruise better?

Without question, Alaska is home to some of the most unique and beautiful landscapes in the United States of America. Travelers looking to take a one-way cruise along the coast of Alaska are often faced with one overarching question: “Is a Northbound or Southbound Alaska cruise better?” Though many travelers rack their brains over which direction will provide a better experience, the answer is simple. They are both great, and practically the same.

No matter which itinerary you choose, you are guaranteed to be wowed by all the breathtaking sights and wildlife the Last Frontier has to offer. Cruisers can select the same or similar itineraries going in either direction, with only a few points to consider.

When Deciding Between a Northbound or Southbound Alaska Cruise, Travelers Should Consider…


  • Travel Plans – Is it more convenient for you to sail out of Seattle, Vancouver or San Francisco, upwards along the Alaskan coast, and fly home from Anchorage or Seward, or vice versa?
  • Order in Which You Sightsee – Would you rather experience your more sought-after destinations earlier in the voyage, or save the best for last?
  • Shore Excursions – Choose carefully which shore excursions you plan to participate in, as there is a world of choices when it comes to Alaska. Just as with destinations, keep in mind which tours you would like to complete at the beginning of your trip, and at the end.
  • Cruise Tours – Would you like to spend the beginning of your trip exploring the Alaskan wilderness and relax at sea before returning home, or the other way around? Something to consider when choosing between a Northbound or Southbound Alaska cruise.

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Sample Alaska Itineraries:

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