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Close to the Edge: Highlights of The Cruise Web's Experience aboard Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Edge - Courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

In late November, members of the team here at The Cruise Web were fortunate enough to get up close and personal with Celebrity Cruises’ newest ship, Celebrity Edge. After experiencing as much of Celebrity Edge as possible on an exclusive two-night inaugural celebration, these are their highlights, stories and first impressions:
Celebrity Edge - Courtesy of Celebrity Cruises
Randi B.
There is a ton of natural light throughout the ship, because the vast majority of the windows are floor-to-ceiling, which makes the spaces feel more open and inviting. Venues like the Oceanview Café, the Solarium, and Eden are some of the best places to be because of those windows.
The Theater is extremely technologically impressive. The giant wrap-around screen has moving panels that make for interesting artist entrances during the shows. I love that they have various types of acrobatic rigging, as well as trapdoors, elevating platforms, and rain curtains, which all lead to a visually-entrancing performance.
As far as dining goes, the ship goes above and beyond with options and choices. There are a very large amount of choices for those with alternative diets—vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, Kosher, etc. The “Taste of the Edge” event, where each of the many restaurants on board had samples and small bites available, was fun, as it enabled people to try food from around the ship without having to make a reservation for the various specialty restaurants.
Celebrity Edge’s main pool is actually long enough to do laps in, which is refreshing since the vast majority of pools on other ships are very small, and it’s nearly impossible to really swim in them. I think having the “martini glass” hot tubs is actually a great idea—it makes the Resort Deck less crowded, and also acts as a built-in form of crowd control. Since you technically have to ascend two decks to get between the pool and the hot tubs, you’re not going to have people constantly running back and forth between the two. I also love the abundance of loungers all around the ship—it will definitely make it easier to find a spot to soak up the sun. The Solarium also has a large amount of plush loungers, and it is very easy to get comfortable here!
Dining and Pool Deck on Celebrity Edge

Allison S.
I love the design and layout of Celebrity Edge. The modern, clean lines give the ship an understated and sophisticated feel. The staterooms are thoughtfully laid out, with the room and bathroom being a bit larger than expected, and the new app that controls lights, room temperature, etc. is very convenient and easy to use. Infinite Verandas offer a new take on the traditional balcony as it incorporates the extra square footage of the balcony into the room. The newly created Iconic Suite is worth every penny as it feels like an upscale New York apartment with its many windows and panoramic views, a large private deck and hot tub, as well as many other impressive amenities. The Rooftop Garden and Sunset Bar are great outdoor spaces at the back of the ship to lounge in the comfortable sofas and watch the sunset.
Rooftop Garden and Suite aboard Celebrity Edge
Rashell O.
The ship is a beautiful living room and lounge. There are so many aesthetically pleasing spaces to dine, lounge, laugh, talk or just sit in silence and become mesmerized by the beauty. These include Eden’s Lounge, Rooftop Garden and even the Oceanview Café (yes the buffet)!
If you are an art lover or just a person that loves creativity, then you will love this ship. There are so many different types. My favorite was the photography throughout the ship located in your rooms, dining venues, stairwells and the elevator. The photos are gorgeous and captivate my attention.
The music scene is so inspiring. The Reckless Charms, which is an all-female band that will play throughout the ship, are vocally sound and play a variety of covers that reminded me why I love music. There are so many choices, from the U.S. duo to the theater shows that showcase the music of today.
Lastly, the comfort of this ship is a highlight. Everywhere is just comfortable. All of the seating makes you want to unwind and have a cocktail or a warm beverage and forget about everything. Truly be present.
Theater and Public Spaces aboard Celebrity Edge
John H.
We stayed in a Sky Suite for this experience and it was incredible! Due to our cabin category, we had access to every suite perk onboard. We especially loved the private Retreat Lounge, the Retreat Pool, and the exclusive restaurant for suite guests, Luminae.
Sky Suite aboard Celebrity Edge
Barbara S.
WOW! The ship is cutting EDGE crazy, and easy to navigate to admire the beautiful décor. I stayed in an Infinite Veranda and it was comparable to a 5-star hotel on land. Very open and a surprising amount of space due to the fact that we were in one of the accessible staterooms. I also got to tour the different categories of staterooms and the Iconic Suite took my breath away. The impressive balcony has space for a private hot tub, cabana and lounge chairs that were unbelievably comfortable! Who has an ottoman with a lounge chair on a balcony—the Edge does!
One highlight for me is the ride on the tenders, or the “Edge Launches” as they are called on Celebrity Edge. Imagine a luxury coach bus, but on the water. Spacious leather seats and big windows allowed us to relax and take in the views.
Back on the ship, one of my favorite touches is the beautiful artwork throughout the ship. For me, my favorite piece was a ship that was made entirely of pearls. Artwork like photos, paintings and sculptures are around every corner, no two the same.
Lastly, the food was to die for, and both nights we dined in the Tuscan Restaurant. On the first night, I enjoyed flawless service and a delicious meal of fresh salmon. The second night blew me away—the service not only remained impeccable, but the filet mignon was so perfect that when I reflect back I can still savor the taste. I was totally spoiled.
Iconic Suite aboard Celebrity Edge
Lynda L.
I love the Rooftop Garden. The setting is beautiful, the music is excellent and this venue has a great vibe. Around the ship, I love the open, outward facing spaces that provide the sense that you are outside, even when indoors. Inside The Theatre, the entertainment is excellent. The performers are very talented and provide a triple threat of dancing, singing and acting. We stayed in a Sunset Veranda, which had so much space I was amazed. Out on the balcony, the views were peaceful.
Rooftop Garden and Theater aboard Celebrity Edge
Beth T.
The various dining rooms across the ship really caught my eye, and my taste buds. The décor is beautiful, the food is delicious, and the service is outstanding. Even the buffet is great! The ship is very technologically advanced with features like an app that we could use to control stateroom lights, electronics and climate settings—and even mute the TV of our roommates from the other side of the ship! And the Magic Carpet seemed to be where the nightlife was. We were able to hear wonderful, live music playing from the comfort of our own balcony!
Dining and Magic Carpet aboard Celebrity Edge
Sherry J.
Celebrity Edge is a very open ship, filled with bright sunlight. The buffet is great, and set up in a way so that there really isn’t a line! The tenders, called Edge Launches, are like luxury motor coaches. Even the disembarkation area is luxurious, featuring a wide open space that even had a bar. Aboard the very roomy “Launch” crafts, there are large leather seats and plenty of space. Overall, the Edge is a beautiful ship with beautiful amenities!
Magic Carpet and Public Space aboard Celebrity Edge
Ellicia A.
The open spaces on Celebrity Edge make it one of the nicer ships I’ve been on; it doesn’t feel like a ship! The Solarium was one of my favorite parts—a warm and inviting place to spend some time relaxing on days when it is cooler. And for even more relaxation, try the Spa! Although I didn’t get to experience it, the inside is beautiful and the list of services blew me away! Destination Gateway is a very open space, with nice seating to wait until your turn to board the Launches. And, although we didn’t get to experience it, the Magic Carpet on Celebrity Edge seems like a great addition. It offers great views, has space for many people and the bar is beautiful. Since it moves up and down between decks (when empty), the only catch is going to be finding which deck it’s on!
Solarium and Spa aboard Celebrity Edge
Gloria H.
Believe it or not, Celebrity Edge’s buffet is one of the highlights for me! There was a wide variety of food and it was all delicious—truly something for everyone. The ship is also full of open spaces, which I love, and the décor is beautiful and the colors are very calming. To describe the entertainment, I would use one word: edgy.
Buffet and Open Spaces aboard Celebrity Edge
Julie A.
Celebrity Edge is a beautiful ship! It has a vibe fit for younger (or young at heart) travelers who appreciate luxury. Personally, Celebrity Edge would be my first choice ship to take my family on. From my balcony, I was able to see the innovative Magic Carpet moving from deck to deck, and it was certainly unique. Having one of the balconies that was behind the Magic Carpet, it seemed like our veranda was larger than those who had the same category stateroom! This also meant our balcony was fully covered when the Magic Carpet was on deck 15, so we could stay shaded (or dry, depending on the weather) and still be outside! The outside seating is comfortable throughout the ship, and makes for a nice atmosphere to enjoy a drink from the bar.
Magic Carpet and Aerial shot of Celebrity Edge
The experiences our employees had on Celebrity Edge are only a sampling of the activities and services available; after all, they were only onboard for two nights!
Here at The Cruise Web, we are so grateful to Celebrity Cruises for giving our employees the chance to experience Celebrity Edge. With first-hand knowledge of the beautiful amenities, and an entire office buzzing about this beautiful ship, our expert consultants can’t wait to get our clients to the Edge.
To learn more about Celebrity Edge and to book a cruise so you can experience these highlights and more, call The Cruise Web today at 1-800-377-9383 to speak with one of our expert consultants!
NOTE: The Cruise Web, Inc. received complimentary inaugural staterooms from Celebrity Cruises, which in turn were offered to the employees listed above. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the contributors, and do not necessarily reflect the position of The Cruise Web or Celebrity Cruises.
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