Celebrity Edge to be the First Ship Back to Cruising from U.S. Ports in 2021

Celebrity Edge First in 2021 to Sail from United States

A Celebration aboard Celebrity Edge

Save the date! June 26, 2021 will mark the date for the first cruise ship sailing from a U.S. port since the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown. The cruise ship set to accomplish this feat? None other than Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Edge, departing from Fort Lauderdale, FL with a 7-night Western Caribbean itinerary.

Built in 2018, Celebrity Edge serves as the lead vessel in the cruise line’s Edge class fleet. Equipped with breathtaking onboard experiences like Celebrity’s Magic Carpet, Rooftop Garden, Resort Deck, and many more, there is never a shortage of excitement onboard. Most of all, Celebrity prides themselves on offering “The best dining experience at sea—period.” Celebrity Edge is a mecca for fine dining, from her elegant Main Dining Room to her variety of globally inspired specialty restaurants. Itineraries aside, this ship itself is a vacation of a lifetime.

Magic Carpet on Celebrity Edge

Celebrity’s Long-Awaited Return to Cruising

It has been almost 15 months since the CDC issued their first no-sail order on March 14, 2020, and many cruisers are certainly eager to get back out on the open water. With Celebrity Edge kicking off the new era of post-shutdown sailings, many are wondering which safety measures will be taken to ensure a safe, enjoyable return to cruising.

Celebrity Edge will leave port with a reduced capacity of guests, employing a COVID-19 vaccination policy consistent with current CDC guidelines. The cruise line announced that all crew members are to be fully vaccinated, along with the requirement that all U.S. passengers aged 16 or older are fully vaccinated as well. It will be interesting to see just how these measures play out in conjunction with Florida state law, which currently prohibits the required vaccination of customers by any business entity, including cruise lines. Regardless, Celebrity plans to be the first line back to cruising out of the U.S. come the end of the month. In today’s day and age, the cruise world is an ever-changing industry with news breaking daily. Celebrity Cruises plans to be a pioneer in this new era of cruising, and it is safe to say that this is an exciting time for cruise lines and cruisegoers alike.

What to Expect Onboard Celebrity Edge’s First U.S. Cruises


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