Celebrity Cruises: New Destination Adventures In the Galapagos Islands

Blue-footed booby. Image courtesy of Celebrity Cruises.

Blue-footed booby. Image courtesy of Celebrity Cruises.Explore your adventurous side with a Celebrity Cruises voyage to the Galapagos Islands. To commemorate their 10-year anniversary in this oasis of wonder, Celebrity Cruises has rolled out new Galapagos excursions featuring everything from local dining opportunities to local reforestation excursions.
Celebrity Cruises has spent the last decade not only bringing these amazing islands to the world, but also building on their commitment to the local people with medical, agricultural and fishing cooperatives. Most notably, partnering with the Galapagos Conservancy, who has committed to matching any donation made by a Celebrity Cruises guest to these enchanted islands.
Here are some of the fantastic Galapagos adventures Celebrity Cruises has in store for you:

    • Giant Tortoise in the Galapagos Islands. Image courtesy of Celebrity Cruises.Authentic Dining in the Highlands – Enjoy a locally prepared meal on a family farm on Santa Cruz, Galapagos. As you dine, you will learn about the unique islands and their indigenous wildlife. You may even interact with one of the giant tortoises wandering the grounds!
    • Scalesia Reforestation Project – How about some reforestation work to cleanse the soul and re-ignite the spirit? Celebrity has partnered with the Galapagos National Park to allow guests to participate in a reforestation project aimed at repopulating the native Scalesia trees. This ground-breaking project is the first ever attempted by a cruise line in this part of the world.
    • Collaborating with Farmers for Onboard Menus – Enjoy dining menus inspired by and designed to celebrate the local people, their lands and their unique local resources. Locally sourced seafood, vegetables and fruits are crafted into ceviche, roasted fish, soups and desserts to honor this amazing place.
    • Commemorative Book – When you visit the Galapagos with Celebrity Cruises in 2014 or 2015, you will take home a unique coffee table book, which highlights the greatest parts of Celebrity Cruises’ adventures to this enchanted island chain. The book even features stories provided by guests like you.

Celebrity Xpedition ship. Image courtesy of Celebrity Cruises.All of these wonderful adventures await you when you sail aboard Celebrity Xpedition. Learn from lectures and experience first-hand all the wonder the Galapagos Islands are known.
For more information or to book a Galapagos cruise vacation, call 1-800-377-9383, or fill out a personal quote request and one of our cruise consultants will contact you shortly.
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