Carnival Partners with Rudi Sodamin for a Fresh Seafood Experience

Carnival Cruise Line has so much in store for those eagerly awaiting next summer’s maiden voyage of Mardi Gras. To add to the excitement of this new ship, Carnival announced their plans for what is sure to become one of her most popular restaurants. Acclaimed culinary artist, Rudi Sodamin, in partnership with the popular cruise line, is proud to present, Rudi’s Seagrill, a grand seafood establishment that promises to be both fancy and fun.

“I’ve spent decades perfecting dishes for my restaurants both onboard and ashore, but it has been such a special experience to partner with Carnival to bring this exciting restaurant concept to life,” said Sodamin. “I believe the quality of a restaurant starts on the plate, so with Rudi’s Seagrill, I want guests to enjoy the food and feel connected to their meals in a fun and engaging way.”

Carnival Cruise Line's Mardi Gras

Rudi comes through on this promise by offering up something truly unique. The restaurant’s sophisticated and flavorful food will include several dishes presented as “food faces.” These specialized selections of appetizers, entrees, and desserts will consist of delicacies such as big eye tuna, seared scallops, grilled branzino, and apple cheese cake. Meticulously-designed food faces are not only entertaining and delicious; they also double as Instagram-worthy works of art.

“We wanted to offer our guests a new and exciting dinner-time option that is as sophisticated as our steakhouses but takes our tradition of fun to the next level,” said Carnival’s vice president of culinary and dining, Cyrus Marfatia.

Carnival Cruise Line Seafood Dinner

“Rudi’s Seagrill will feature next-level seafood delicacies and showcase Rudi’s innovative artistry and ‘plates with personalities’ where guests can feast their eyes on a new personable presentation every time they dine – we’re sure everyone will enjoy them.”

This innovative restaurant will include a number of traditional seafood dishes, including lobster tail, crab cakes, salt-roasted prawns, and a wonderfully rich chocolate truffle cake. Non-seafood dishes will also be available. To learn more about Carnival Cruise Line’s dining options, and their upcoming Mardi Gras cruise ship, contact The Cruise Web’s vacation experts at 1-800-377-9383.


SOURCE: Carnival Cruise Line


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