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Top 5 Instagrammable Spots in the Caribbean

Are you a social media savant? An Instagram intellectual, if you will…
If so, why aren’t you on a cruise right now? With endless possibilities of photo ops, you’ll love your cruise vacation, and chances are your friends will “like” it too! So without further ado, and in no particular order, check out our Top 5 Instagrammable Spots in the Caribbean!
The Pitons (St. Lucia)

These two mountains rising out of the crystal blue water in St. Lucia are known as The Pitons. Each spire, formed hundreds of years ago by underwater volcanic activity, reaches for the sky at over 2,400 feet and is one of the most popular photo ops! If you want the #pictureperfect snap, take some advice from our team here at The Cruise Web and head to the white sand at Sugar Beach, where the immensity of these natural wonders can actually fit in the frame!

Maho Beach (Philipsburg, St. Maarten)

CAN YOU HEAR ME OVER THE ROAR OF THE ENGINES? Okay, good. Now I can tell you all about this unique spot to capture the coolest photo on your Instagram feed. Located on the southern, or Dutch part of the island, this beach sits just in front of the runway for the Princess Juliana International Airport and offers stunning views for beachgoers and aviation enthusiasts. Photos like the one below are bound to frighten your mom (no danger involved) and impress your followers!

Pig Beach (Nassau, Bahamas)

It’ll take an excursion from Nassau to get here, but you can’t pass up the chance to see the pigs on Pig Beach. An uninhabited island, these porkers aren’t afraid of people and will scurry up to visitors in hopes of a snack. While no one knows how all these pigs got here, there are many local folktales that offer explanation. One suggests that these pigs were dinner for a group of sailors who never returned home, another portrays them as brave survivors of a shipwreck! No matter how they got there, we’re just happy to take their picture. Swimming happily through the clear water and rolling in the white sand of Exuma, the pigs on Pig Island are the perfect picture partner!

Tulum (Cozumel, Mexico)

Do you ever wonder what they did for fun in the 13th century? Apparently, they went to the beach! Explore the ruins of the Mayan city of Tulum, resting on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Tulum is thought to be one of the youngest sets of Mayan ruins, meaning the ancient civilization lived here up until the Spanish invasion. The largest remaining ruin overlooks pristine, white sand beaches, making for a great backdrop. Don’t Mayan(d) if I do!

Magens Bay (St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands)

#NoFilter needed on the stunning photos you’ll take from the Mountain Top observation deck in St. Thomas. A cable car ascends the mountain, providing stunning views on the way to the top, where the panorama will take your breath away. On a sunny day, there is no better view, as the lush green vegetation of the island contrasts perfectly with the deep blue of the Caribbean, spotted white with yachts and catamarans.

Now that you have a game plan, you have to get there! And the best way to visit the Caribbean is, of course, a cruise! Call The Cruise Web today at 1-800-377-9383 so one of our expert consultants can help you plan an Instagram-worthy vacation!
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The Cruise Web, Inc.

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