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Princess Cruises Introduces Free Mobile App Feature on Regal Princess

Princess@Sea Messenger App

Princess@Sea Messenger App - Image courtesy of Princess CruisesAboard the fantastic Regal Princess, cruisers will be able to connect with their fellow cruisers like never before with the introduction of Princess@Sea Messenger, an all-new free mobile app that allows guests to share updates and make plans during their vacation.
This innovative app can be accessed with most smartphones and tablets throughout the Regal Princess this November. “We know it’s important for our guests to be able to stay in touch with their fellow cruisers,” said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises president. “With the new Princess@Sea Messenger we’re making it even easier for them to share their experiences, stay in touch and even make new friends.” Come the end of 2015, this exciting app will be accessible throughout the entire Princess Cruises fleet!
Travelers will be able to pre-download the app for free to their Android or Apple devices through their app store, or with the addition of an onboard internet package once on vacation. With this exciting app, guests will be able to check daily events and explore their itinerary and upcoming ports, as well as browse menus and check up on their stateroom accounts.
To learn more about Princess Cruises, call 1-800-377-9383 or complete our online quote request and one of our cruise experts will contact you shortly.
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The Cruise Web, Inc.


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  1. We are trying to download the new princess @ sea messenger app but it is not showing up in either the android or Apple stores.

  2. The Princess@Sea Messenger app debuted aboard the Royal Princess in 2013. It will be rolled out to all remaining Princess ships by the end of 2015. You can use the app when you connect to your ship’s onboard wifi.

    • Princess might still be in the process of getting the app approved for the Apple and Google app stores. The good news, however, is that the main function of the messenger “app” can still be used with Princess’ onboard internet so you don’t really need to download anything – it should be available once you connect to the wifi aboard either the Royal or Regal Princess. At this point, it seems like more of a web-based messaging tool than a downloadable app, and I’ve heard that Princess Cruises’ onboard staff are great at helping guests connect.

  3. @The Cruise Web Team , thank you for clearing this up for me. The info you find from Princess does not tell us what’s going on. Been looking for app everywhere only to fond out it doesn’t exist, LOL.

  4. I was able to fownload the app on my ipad a few days ago and my iphone 4s with ios 6, now i have a new phone with ios 8 (same as my ipad) and cannot find the app in the app store. Any help?

  5. Jefftatem, thanks for the comment. I no longer see it on the App store either (Princess or Apple may have pulled it). The good news is that the messenger app’s main function can still be used with Princess Cruises’ onboard internet so you don’t really need to download anything. I believe the app just adds push notifications to the onboard messenger service, which should be available once you connect to the wifi aboard either the Royal or Regal Princess.

  6. Perhaps some one could explain the specifics of “onboard internet” or using or accessing it via “Onbord internet” as the ships charge you for wifi access, yet it is a “free” messaging “app”. I have been hearing about this since we reserved our cruise leaving this Sunday yet have NEVER seen the app for iphone. VERY skeptical

  7. Is this App still available for download from the Apple Itunes App Store? I don’t see it under various searches

  8. Thanks for all the comments! Glad to see that this is such a popular post, and sorry for the confusion regarding the Princess@Sea and Princess@Sea Messenger tools. Princess changed their plans for the app shortly after launching. Turns out you don’t need to download anything beforehand.
    Perhaps this explanation from Princess will help: “Princess@Sea is our FREE, mobile friendly onboard service offering quick and convenient access to valuable information about the ship while you’re onboard! Plan your day’s events and activities, review the ship’s itinerary and port guides, browse restaurant menus, even access your stateroom account! Plus, on select ships the Princess@Sea Messenger allows you to send text messages to other guests onboard!”
    “Getting started with Princess@Sea is easy. Simply connect to the ship’s WIFI once onboard, open your browser and Princess@Sea will be the default page that appears. It even operates in “Airplane Mode”. No cellular or data charges required!”
    Remember, Princess@Sea is currently available on select ships only, so verify with your travel agent before booking.

  9. Ok the app is free to download. I have done that.
    NOW the fact that we use the ship’s wi-fi is THIS usage chargeable or free as a service.
    Thank you
    Wal a shoryly to be passenger on the Diamond Oct 22

  10. I have been looking everywhere I can think of for the Princess@Sea App, android version and have not been able to find it even though Princess still talks about it on their website. Can you please tell me if it exists and where?

    • Hi Rick, you don’t actually have to download anything ahead of time. It turns out that the “app” was developed more like a free web tool than a downloadable program. Once onboard the ship, simply connect to the ship’s WiFi, open the browser on your computer or mobile device, and Princess@Sea will be the default page that appears. This is your complimentary onboard web service for accessing valuable information about onboard events and activities, itinerary and port guides, restaurant menus, and your stateroom account – kind of like an electronic version of the Princess Patter. There’s also a messenger feature that allows guests to communicate via complimentary text chats. Plus, Princess@Sea operates in “Airplane Mode”, so no cell or data charges required! If you have trouble accessing the service onboard, Princess’ guest services will be more than happy to help. Or, if you have any other questions, please give us a call at 1-800-377-9383.

  11. That is absolutely great as we always cruise with another couple and we tend to do our own thing during the day and then we meet for dinner. We used to leave notes for each other on the door!

  12. Hi Irene,
    I agree with you. Isn’t it great that technology has finally caught up with how we travel? I would love to chat with you to see how I can get you and your friends on one of these feature-laden ships.
    You can reach me at 1-800-377-9383 ext 307 or by email at
    Sherry Jefferson
    Cruise Consultant | The Cruise Web
    1-800-377-9383 x 307

  13. Thanks for the information. Now to use this app cruisers have to connect to ship’s wifi. And the wifi is not free. Am I right?

    • Hi Aurora, that’s a great question! While you’ll need a WiFi or data connection to download the app, you can actually operate the app from airplane mode. Therefore, once you have the app downloaded (which you could do at home), there’s no cellular or data charges required!
      The Cruise Web Team

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