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The Perfect Country Club

By Brandon Biss, Senior Cruise Consultant, The Cruise Web.
Like many of us, I was introduced to golf by my father and grandfather. I still play the same courses where my grandfather taught me the game 20 years ago. Some see golf as just a game. Many of us see it as a metaphor of how we live our lives. The game brings out the good in us: the honesty of keeping your own score, integrity of playing the ball how it lies, and the excitement of hitting a great shot. It also exposes our faults: the frustration of not playing well, our impatience with bad breaks, and our need for constant improvement. Like life, golf is not played perfectly. But in both, there is always another opportunity to show your best and improve.
Regardless of your level of play or intensity, cruises provide a great way to work on your golf game. Most cruise lines have putting greens and practice nets to work on your strokes. Some also have full indoor golf simulators where you may play famous courses like Pebble Beach while sailing in the middle of the ocean. It is possible to keep a normal practice schedule, if not practice more than if you were home! There are even certified golf instructors on some cruises that will give lessons and help you work on that slice. How great would it be to return from vacation and show off your new putting stroke to your friends the next time you head out to your local course?!?
With the explosion of golf’s popularity worldwide, it is possible to sneak in a round during almost any cruise itinerary. There are also specific cruises and itineraries that are golf themed. During a cruise of Hawaii, you may take a helicopter tour of Maui’s coast in the morning then play 18 at Kapalua’s famed plantation course. Or visit Edinburgh Castle then make your tee-time at Carnoustie in Scotland. While you may bring your clubs, equipment rentals are available during most cruises.
How about finishing a day of golf and touring with a visit to the ship’s spa for a massage, followed by a dinner in a five-star steakhouse? There are many cruise options that embrace a relaxed atmosphere that provide country club level amenities. The spas include world-class products and services. Many of the onboard restaurants and boutiques will rival your favorites from your local town. Suite accommodations with verandahs allow for comforts that feel like a second home.
Cruise lines have embraced the game of golf and the country club community. With golf-specific activities, golf-focused itineraries, and country club amenities, the cruise industry has created ways to enjoy the game at sea just as you would at home. Like the game of golf, a vacation on a cruise creates memories between family and friends that connect generations. While you may not always hit a perfect golf shot, you may find a perfect vacation on your next cruise.
Brandon BissBrandon Biss
Senior Cruise Consultant
The Cruise Web, Inc.
1-800-377-9383 ext. 292

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