Silversea Cruises Adds New Ship: Silver Discoverer

By The Cruise Web, Inc.
A champagne welcome. Photo courtesy of Silversea Cruises.Silversea Cruises has acquired a new ship to add to their fleet. The Silver Discoverer is about to undergo renovations and refitting to join the fleet for sailings starting in March 2014. Formerly the Clipper Odyssey, this ship offers an intimate experience, a perfect fit for Silversea Expeditions, which offers intense and in-depth sailings to the world’s most exotic and engaging destinations like Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands.
The Silver Discoverer will be Silversea’s third Expedition ship.


For her maiden season the Silver Discoverer will be exploring the endearing ports of call bordering the Pacific Ocean, including:

  • Southeast Asia – The ship will visit amazing natural landscapes like the rainforests in Borneo and the underground river of Puerto Princesa in the Philippines.
  • Australia and New Zealand – Discover the rarest of spots in this popular cruise destination. Visit the Sub-Antarctic islands in New Zealand and the breathtaking orange striped Bungle Bungle mountains in Western Australia.
  • Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia – Meet the people who make this paradise special as you learn the “Love Dance” in Pulap Island or try fresh coconut milk in Kapingamarangi, a remote atoll in Micronesia.
  • East Asia and the Far East of Russia – Enjoy a visit to this exclusive part of the world, which has yet to be tread by most tourists. In Russia you’ll see thousands of fur seals and sea lions breeding in Tuleniy Island. In Okhotsk, Russia try some local cuisine and visit a land seemingly stuck in time.

Ship Specs

  • Length: 338 feet
  • Width: 51 feet
  • Passenger Capacity: 128
  • While the ship is built to traverse these beautiful yet extreme landscapes, there will be nothing but smooth sailing onboard where Silversea adds its luxury touches to each stateroom, including butler service, Pratesi bed linens and iPod docking stations. Your meals will be prepared expertly and served at one of three venues, the elegant Restaurant, the pool side Grill and the casual Discoverer Lounge, which serves breakfast and lunch. Of course you can always dine in your stateroom with the option of In-Suite Dining.

Silversea Expeditions has been growing by leaps and bounds, and it was only a year ago they added the Silver Galapagos and her rich itineraries to the fleet. Do you see a cruise vacation as a chance to really explore the world and would you like to partake in one of Silversea’s expert-lead expeditions?
The Cruise Web, Inc.
The Cruise Web, Inc.

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