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Princess Cruises Brings TV's The Voice to Sea


Have you ever dreamt of showing off your vocal abilities in a more grandeur fashion? If so, get ready to part ways with karaoke bars and start packing for the most sensational adventure of your life!
Princess Cruises recently announced an exciting move to take onboard its version of the insanely popular international singing competition, The Voice; giving cruise passengers a shot at becoming high seas stars! Welcome… The Voice of the Ocean!
MicrophoneBeginning with auditions once onboard and ending with a phenomenal live show hosted by the Cruise Director on the final night of the cruise, participants are guaranteed an adrenaline rush sure to last a lifetime of coveted memories. Once the cruise takes off, passengers and crew members will select contestants from karaoke tryouts for an opportunity to showcase singing talents in multiple performances rehearsed with expert vocal mentors, Princess Band and back-up singers.
During the final night of The Voice of the Ocean, three prominent team coaches will decide the fate of selected contestants as finalists, based on outstanding performances. At that point, the audience will be given the power to vote for the ultimate winner of the competition!
Royal Princess Theater - Courtesy of Princess CruisesThis competition will debut on Regal Princess in October 2015 and on Royal Princess and Caribbean Princess in November 2015. Starting January 2016, The Voice of the Ocean will be featured on eight additional ships until May 2016.
This is an amazing cruise experience you won’t want to miss! Check out Princess Cruises today for a chance to become a featured high seas star!
The Cruise Web, Inc.
The Cruise Web, Inc.


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