More Than a River Cruise: Uniworld Announces New Sustainability Efforts

Cruising is an amazing way to see the world, especially when working your way down a river in the heart of Europe. No matter where you travel, much of what you see is in the pristine condition it is due to the efforts by companies such as Uniworld Boutique Cruises and their continued efforts to preserve the planet. Reflecting their dedication to positive social and environmental impact, Uniworld has introduced two new sustainability initiatives: WE Charity and One Tree Planted.

As a part of new sustainability initiatives, Uniworld has partnered with WE Charity.  WE Charity is dedicated to providing clean water all over the world. In partnership with Uniworld, WE is shedding light on other issues involving clean water, such as cooking with water and bathing. A main pillar WE stands on is empowering communities with fresh water so they can drink, eat, and live healthier lives.
Another new partnership is allowing Uniworld passengers to make a difference as well. Working with One Tree Planted, Uniworld has given their passengers the option to receive all pre-cruise information digitally. When passengers select this option, a tree is planted in honor of them and on behalf of Uniworld.
These two new sustainability initiatives join Uniworld’s current efforts, including:

  • TreadRight Foundation, to provide carbon offset programs and help eliminate the use of single-use plastics across all operations
  • ME to WE, to create immersive, transformational travel experiences in India

If you’re interested in seeing the world and saving the world, call The Cruise Web at 1-800-377-9383 to learn about our Uniworld river cruise options!
The Cruise Web, Inc.
The Cruise Web, Inc.

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