MSC Cruises Announces #SuperCoralPlay Bracelets to Raise Money

MSC Cruisers Riding Jet Skis in Caribbean

MSC Cruises continues their dedication to the preservation of the Bahamas with their latest goodwill campaign, #SuperCoralPlay. Ocean Cay Marine Reserve, MSC Cruises’ private island, opened in the Bahamas in December after a lengthy conservation effort revitalized the former sand dredging island.

Since choosing the location for their private getaway, MSC Cruises has worked diligently with marine biologists from all over the world to rebuild and reinvigorate the coral reef surrounding the island. During this process, scientist have identified “Super Coral,” or species of coral that are especially resistant to the ever-changing environment. This coral has specific traits that lead to a heightened tolerance of environmental change and could be the reason coral reefs all over the world are able to be restored.

MSC Private Isalnd

Ocean Cay is just 60 miles off the coast of Miami, where the Super Bowl will be played this year. Super Bowl… Super Coral… close enough. In partnership with the Super Bowl Committee in Miami and NFL personalities like Jarvis Landry and Mark Sanchez, MSC Cruises has introduced the Super Coral Play bracelet! This bracelet, made with recycled fishing nets found in the reef at Ocean Cay, is available for purchase here and every bracelet purchased = one Super Coral propagated in the Bahamas!

Chairman of MSC Cruises USA, Rick Sasso, could not be more proud of the work being done within MSC Cruises to protect the environment, saying “We pledged to offset as of January 1, 2020 all CO2 emissions of our global cruise fleet that we cannot currently eliminate, while we continue to invest in the accelerated development of advanced environmental technology that will eventually lead us to zero emissions operations. Additionally, we have removed close to 100% of all single-use plastic across our fleet as of 2019.”

MSC Cruises is doing incredible things for the environment, and their emphasis on service and forward-thinking extends to their onboard experience! For more information on MSC Cruises, Ocean Cay Marine Reserve, or the Super Coral Play campaign, call The Cruise Web at 1-800-377-9383!






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