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The Cruise Web Hosts Gala to Commemorate 25 Years in Business

The Cruise Web's Donation for Stepping Stones Shelter

On June 11th, The Cruise Web officially marked its 25th anniversary with a celebratory dinner cruise in Washington, DC!
Once onboard the Odyssey river ship, our sightseeing celebration embarked for an evening of fun along the Potomac River. And if there were a theme for the evening, it would be gratitude—demonstrated in the way everyone could fondly look back at our company’s growth and heritage, the relationships formed through it and the clients helped because of it.
Joining The Cruise Web for these festivities were our friends, family and cruise line representatives—each of whom has supported our team in too many ways to count. From the longstanding relationships we maintain with our 20+ cruise line providers to better serve our clients, providing—among other benefits—access to exclusive offers, training and expertise, to the colleagues and loved ones that make it possible to put in the work needed to be successful for 25 years and counting! 
While we would have loved for everyone to have been able to join us in person, we are immensely grateful for the wonderful video messages shared by some of our closest cruise providers:

Also celebrating with The Cruise Web was Monica Kindle, Director of Operations at Stepping Stones Shelter, a local homeless shelter dedicated to finding stable environments for homeless families with children. Impressed and moved by the vital service provided by the Stepping Stones Shelter, The Cruise Web has made it a reoccurring goal to give back to our community by supporting the organizations that make it better. With that in mind, The Cruise Web’s executive team, led by Frans Hansen and Karolina Shenton, was honored to support Stepping Stones’ mission with a $2,500 donation.
The Cruise Web's Donation for Stepping Stones Shelter
As the evening was nearing its close, Frans Hansen, The Cruise Web’s president and founder, took the time to share the core values—and one in particular—that have shaped our company and culture. Please enjoy his speech in the video below:

A huge ‘thank you’ goes out to all of The Cruise Web’s cruise line providers for their sponsorship and participation at this event, and also for their support over these incredible 25 years!
We’d also like to extend additional thanks to all of the Odyssey’s crew, service team and photographers for making this a memorable night! Check out our slideshow for a glimpse into the gala:

As proud as we are of our first 25 years, we believe this is just the beginning and we look forward to many more anniversaries to come!
The Cruise Web, Inc.
The Cruise Web, Inc.

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