MSC Cruises to Eliminate Single-use Plastics

By The Cruise Web, Inc. 

By March 2019, MSC Cruises will have eliminated the use of all single-use plastics on its ships under their new Plastics Reduction Program. This is not the first time MSC Cruises has made waves through sustainability efforts. Earlier this year, all plastic straws were replaced on the MSC fleet with environmentally-friendly, biodegradable alternatives. Executive Chairman of MSC Cruises, Pierfrancesco Vago praises sustainability efforts as “…yet another step in our overall commitment to conserve and protect our planet’s most precious resource: the seas and the oceans.”

MSC’s newest efforts will phase out the following single-use plastics, given that there are eco-friendly options: plastic shopping bags, spoons, cups, and straws. Other items, for which single-use offers convenience for guests, such as portioned food items, will be effectively recycled.

Sea Turtle - Courtesy of MSC Cruises

Crew members aboard any of MSC’s fleet are dedicated to the reduction of marine pollution through strict adherence to MARPOL guidelines and CLIA sound environmental principles. Environmental Officers for MSC monitor and implement the vision of the company across the fleet to ensure effectiveness of programs.

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