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MSC Cruises to Add Four New Ultra-Luxury Ships

For the first time, MSC Cruises is going beyond their large contemporary vessels and moving into luxury cruising. The Italian-based cruise company ordered four new 64,000-ton cruise ships, which will hold up to 1,000 passengers.
Pierfrancesco Vago, executive chairman of MSC Cruises, said that this would be a logical next step to expand the MSC Yacht Club, which is currently known as the “luxury ship within a ship” on the bigger vessels.
“These ships will be able to offer unique itineraries, thanks to their size, and the guest services will be taken to another level, including our personalized MSC Yacht Club butler service, available 24/7,” Vago said.

Although not many details have been revealed, MSC said the ships will have a “highly-innovative design as well as introduce ground-breaking options for guest comfort and relaxation.”
Large cruise companies that have both contemporary ships and luxury vessels in their fleet operate them as brands independent of one another. MSC would be the first to operate as one brand, but with different levels of luxury and exclusivity.

“We are now introducing another new class, which will establish a new standard of ultra-luxury at sea with ships that will showcase the quality and highest standards that are associated with ‘Made in Italy’,” a statement from Vago said.
After the first ship is delivered in spring 2023, the remaining three ships will come into service one per year over the following three years.
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