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The Cruise Web Raises Over $2k for Local Charity

Some of the items generously donated by The Cruise Web to the Stepping Stones charity.

This holiday season, The Cruise Web team decided to give back to the community by raising money for a local charity. Over the course of four weeks, The Cruise Web team raised over $2,350 for Stepping Stones – a local shelter that provides support for families with children. Stepping Stones houses up to 6 families at one time and houses approximately 30 families per year. However, Stepping Stones doesn’t simply provide shelter, they also provide job training and other essential aid to help families thrive when they leave the shelter.
Over $1,100 was raised by The Cruise Web’s employees, which was generously matched by the company – resulting in over $2,350 worth of goods for the shelter! The funds were used to purchase many urgent need items for Stepping Stones. During the holiday season, many people donate food or toys, which are essential, but sometimes other everyday supplies can be forgotten.
Some of the items purchased were Ziploc bags, diapers, bed sheets, aluminum foil, snacks, pillows, laundry detergent, kitchen sponges, paper plates, toilet paper, blankets, cleaning supplies, tissues, food items, and much more!
Some of the items generously donated by The Cruise Web to the Stepping Stones charity.

On November 22nd, several Cruise Web team members, including President Frans Hansen, hand-delivered the items to Stepping Stones. The staff at Stepping Stones were more than grateful and spoke about needing things like diapers, bedding, laundry supplies, etc., and having trouble getting those types of items during the holidays. The Cruise Web team was more than thrilled to be able to help a local organization that does wonderful work for the community.
Some of The Cruise Web team members who delivered the items to Stepping Stones and the employees who accepted the items.
So, this holiday season, as you’re making your way down your holiday shopping list, perhaps consider adding a local charity to that list. Often, you can find urgent needs lists and be assured that your donation is going directly to those who need it most. For more information about Stepping Stones, the important work they are doing for the community, and how you can donate, please click here.
The Cruise Web, Inc.
The Cruise Web, Inc.


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