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Alaska’s majestic coastline is perfect for cruising – lined with icy blue glaciers, abundant marine life and charming frontier towns, there’s something amazing waiting around every rugged nook of Alaska’s coast. However, even more natural beauty and cultural discovery beckons from within the Alaskan Interior!

With so much to see and do both at sea and on land, how does one choose which type of Alaskan vacation to plan? Simple – get both with an Alaska CruiseTour! Cruisetours are convenient, value-packed bundles combining a cruise (typically 7 nights long) with an extended land tour (usually from 2 to 8 nights long). Not only will you save by bundling your cruise with a land package, you’ll also come away with a more in-depth vacation experience. Only Alaskan Cruisetours include overnights in cities like Fairbanks, Talkeetna, Alyeska and more, along with the expansive Denali National Park & Preserve.

Cruisetour to Alaska

When to Go:

Alaska Cruisetours are available from late April through September, and your Alaskan travel experience will vary based on when you visit. In April or May, for instance, you are more likely to still find snow on the ground – which could make for really great photography – and less likely to receive rain. June through August feature longer, warmer days and an increased chance of spotting wildlife. In September, temperatures will cool off and you’ll have your best chance to view the Northern Lights.

The lowest fares are typically found on cruisetours departing during the “shoulder” months at either end of the summer, such as April, May and September. As we mentioned further above, there are other advantages to visiting Alaska during the spring and late summer – another reason to discuss your plans with one of our experienced cruisetour experts.

Also, if you have your heart set on an Alaska Cruisetour, there’s no better time to book! In addition to assuring access to the most preferred cabin locations and stateroom categories, reserving your Alaska Cruisetour now gives you a chance to take advantage of The Cruise Web’s best Alaska Cruisetour deals.

Featured Interior Cities & Parks:

Cruisetours to Alaska allow for more in-depth discovery, which means more jaw-dropping sights, awe-inspiring moments and unforgettable memories. Highlighted below are a few of the Alaskan cities and parks best explored with a cruisetour to the Last Frontier:

Denali, Alaska

Cruisetour to Denali

Most Alaska cruisetours include at least one day in Denali National Park & Preserve, home to North America’s highest mountain (Mount Denali). Visit in the spring or summer to wander hillsides covered in bright flowers, or in autumn to watch the leaves change. Whenever you visit, you’ll have a great chance to see wildlife such as moose, bears, caribou, wolves and Dall sheep. Popular activities include whitewater rafting the Nenana River, joining a guided hike up one of Mount Denali’s trails or touring a dog sled training facility to visit the Alaskan huskies!

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Fairbanks, Alaska

Cruisetour to Fairbanks

Fairbanks is Alaska’s second largest city, featuring a proud connection to native Alaskan history, wildlife and cuisine. Fairbanks was founded after the discovery of gold in the area, and the city’s gold rush history is celebrated throughout town. Popular activities include panning for gold, touring a traditional mining camp, soaking in the naturally therapeutic waters at Chena Hot Springs and catching the dancing Northern Lights in the evening sky.

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Alyeska (Girdwood), Alaska

Cruisetour to Alyeska

Formed when the Alaskan settlement towns of Girdwood and Alyeska merged, this charming town is surrounded by mountains and tucked into a glacier-carved valley. Enjoy precious views of fields decorated with wildflowers, hanging glaciers, majestic bald eagles and more! Popular activities include sea kayaking around the pristine Prince William Sound, hiking the countless trails or visiting the nearby Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

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Kantishna, Alaska

Cruisetour to Kantishna

The tiny town of Kantishna, Alaska has quieted down some since its early gold rush days, now focusing on allowing visitors to experience the surrounding beauty of Denali National Park. Enjoy the slower pace of life in the Alaskan Interior and stop to appreciate the scenic landscape of mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes. Popular activities include guided mountain biking tours, panning for gold at Moose Creek and taking a helicopter tour above the mountains – or hiking through them on foot!

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Talkeetna, Alaska

Cruisetour to Talkeetna

Talkeetna is the quintessential Alaskan small town – featuring friendly residents, unique history, eccentric traditions and an invitation for discovery. Believed to be the real-life inspiration for the fictional town of Cicely in the TV show Northern Exposure, Talkeetna offers ample opportunities to enjoy local art, dine on traditional Alaskan fare, explore nature and spot eagles, beavers, bears and more! Popular activities include fly fishing for salmon, river rafting down the Talkeetna or Chulitna Rivers, or flightseeing high above the picturesque glaciers, mountains and streams.

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Cruisetours to Alaska may also allow for extra time in coastal Alaskan cities such as Anchorage, Homer or Seward, which are sometimes included in cruise-only itineraries. Each Alaska cruisetour experience is different, and The Cruise Web’s knowledgeable consultants are available to guide you towards the itinerary that best suits your specific interests and vacation style.

To learn more about Alaska Cruisetours, or to discuss available itineraries, contact The Cruise Web’s experienced travel consultants at 1-800-377-9383.


Have you ever traveled to the incredible Alaskan interior? What were your highlights and most memorable experiences?


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