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Embark on Overnight Adventures with Azamara Club Cruises

No two cruise itineraries are the same. What may be pleasurable in the Caribbean may be a learning experience in the Mediterranean, and no cruise line gets this concept better than Azamara Club Cruises! Whether it’s exploring the hidden gems of the ancient Mayan ruins in Puerto Chiapas, Mexico, partaking in unforgettable Bedouin adventures in Oman, wandering through the world’s holiest city in Israel, or taking in the rich archaeological Temples of Bagan, Asia, you can count on Azamara Club Cruises to elevate your destination experience with the introduction of its new Overnight Adventures.

As a boutique cruise line, immersive voyages have always been the trademark of Azamara’s luxury cruising adventures. Therefore, the two- to three-day extended stay options provided to cruise enthusiasts will enrich land excursions all the more. Connect with new and exciting cities beyond tourist attractions, visitor-designated parks and globetrotter’s point of interest. Rather, venture out to the hinterlands of towns and cities where the aroma of exotic dishes and primitive cultural practices will astound you.

Take the road less traveled and expand your knowledge of amazing destinations and iconic landmarks only the brave discover. Be it at the Sunset Temple in Yangon, Myanmar where the sky bursts into color, or in the Renaissance streets of Florence, Italy where the works of Michelangelo and other phenomenal artists are beautifully displayed, Azamara Club Cruises will be there every step of the way to perfect your unforgettable moments.
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The Cruise Web, Inc.


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