New Holland America Ship Named ms Koningsdam

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Holland America ms Koningsdam shipThe name for the latest addition to the famed Holland America fleet was recently announced as the ms Koningsdam; a name that tributes both the company’s history and the new era of luxury cruising that Holland America Line will usher in with this 2,650 passenger ship.

Throughout its 141-year history, Holland America Line has bestowed the “dam” suffix on each of their vessels, and the Koningsdam carries on this tradition. In Dutch, the word “koning” means “king” which couldn’t be a better way to describe this glorious new ship.

Holland America has a proud heritage with the Netherlands, and many of Holland America Line’s ships have been christened by members of the Dutch Royal Family over the past 75 years. Most recently, ms Nieuw Amsterdam was christened by Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima in 2010. And in 2008 ms Eurodam was christened by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

With such a proud heritage, it seems only fitting that their newest vessel be known as a royal member of their proud family. “This new Pinnacle Class ship will be our largest, most contemporary vessel, and it was only fitting to give it a name that embodies great achievement for the future, while embracing timeless tradition.” said Stein Kruse, chief executive officer of the Holland America Group.

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1 OSWALD FERRO { 09.16.14 at 4:53 pm }


2 Joyce Chalkley { 09.19.14 at 10:20 pm }

I live in a retirement village of some 500 people who all have enjoyed cruises in the past. However, people are fed up with getting the noro0virus, chest infections including pneumonia on various ships. What is your company doing to prevent this happening? I think all ships should be fumigated after each trip with a change of passengers. This is becoming a major problem on cruises and many in my village say they will never cruise again.

3 The Cruise Web Team { 09.22.14 at 8:08 am }

Joyce, I’m sorry that health concerns have affected your outlook on cruising. I can assure you that cruise lines take passenger health very seriously, and each line has measures in place to battle the unlikely outbreak of a bug. When these outbreaks do happen, cruise line staff work quickly to isolate the infected and prevent further outbreak.

I understand your concern about the bug, especially since these types of outbreaks usually make big headlines – leading many to label norovirus as a cruising disease. However, norovirus is more likely to start in a restaurant and is certainly not unique to cruise ships. While fumigation might bring peace of mind, it would probably do little to prevent the spread of onboard diseases because these types of infections usually begin with food preparation, oftentimes at land-based restaurants. I’ll refer you to a quick article that Cruise Critic put together to address a few of the common myths regarding norovirus aboard cruise ships:

Ultimately, maintaining passenger health is a team effort involving everyone from the ships’ crews and guests to the cruise ports’ businesses and excursion operators. I’m glad you asked this question because the solution to disease outbreaks starts with an education on what causes them to spread.

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