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Heavenly Hawaii

By Greer Jackson, Client Services, The Cruise Web, Inc.
Lush landscapesI’m the poster girl for having an endless summer. I’ve escaped snow and freezing temperatures twice this winter, most recently I took a Carnival cruise to the Western Caribbean visiting ports like Ochos Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, but in December I had the opportunity to cruise around Hawaii. I had been to this warm tropical destination 30 years ago for my parent’s wedding anniversary and I knew I wanted to go back.
There’s just something so wonderful about Hawaii. The weather, the palm trees, the blue water  – and there’s a smell of coconut in the air, though it’s probably just all the Coppertone sun screen.
When I went the first time I remember having a great time seeing all the sites. This time, since I was on a cruise I was able to visit many more islands and I took a more restful approach to this vacation. This cruise included stops in Kona, Maui, Hilo and Kauai, which I thought was the most beautiful of the stops. I went on the Pride of America, which is a Norwegian ship and the only ship that can sail around Hawaii without having to include a stop on the mainland of the US.
Beautiful beachesMy friend and I were able to get to Hawaii two days prior to the cruise, which was great because it gave our bodies time to adjust to the 5 hour time difference. Then we boarded the ship and had a great time. At each port we disembarked and headed to the beach. When the sun is out and the water is warm, I get in the waves. I like to swim up and down the shore.
On this vacation I experienced two firsts:
1. I had my first smoothie, which was delicious.
2. I got my first full body massage. I did this at the ship’s spa and it was amazing. I was wrapped in seaweed. I felt totally relaxed and I noticed that my skin was super smooth for days after the treatment.
The one thing I missed out on was seeing hula dancing. So next time, I’d definitely head to the Polynesian Cultural Center to check out the dancing and all the other interesting activities they have to offer.
So where did you go to escape the cold weather this winter?

Greer Jackson
Client Services
The Cruise Web, Inc.
240.487.0155 ext.601

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