Travel Resolution: Go Off the Grid

By The Cruise Web, Inc.

Choose TravelHave you had the experience where you plan a great getaway only to have it ruined by constant phone calls, work stress or bad news?

Sometimes you may think you are on vacation, but your boss, your kids and your responsibilities don’t get the memo. We suggest a vacation where you actually go on vacation. A vacation where if someone needs to contact you they’ll have a really tough time. A vacation where you turn your phone off and you don’t even think about checking your email.

This year we challenge you to:

Go Off the Grid in 2014!

Honestly, we think cruising is the best way to disconnect. Think about it. You are sailing out in the ocean. Onboard you have to opt in to use the Internet and your phone is probably roaming, which can get expensive. So, sorry boss, sorry kids, but unless it’s a super emergency, you are going to be one tough person to reach.

While you are at it, we highly recommend you spend a little time on you. Spend a day at the spa. Nearly every cruise ship has a spa and some have amazing packages where you can spend a whole day getting pampered.

So what is the one stress you want to get rid of when you go away?

The Cruise Web, Inc.
The Cruise Web, Inc.

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