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Match the Dance with Its Partner

You may not realize it, but when you’re on the dance floor you could be participating in some traditional movement or custom from a land far far away. In order to learn more about your favorite dances, see if you can match the dance with a fact relating to it.

Dance and Origin


1) Flamenco – Andalusia region of Spain A) This dance form is considered to be best when the dancer improvises his/her moves to the music.
2) Irish Step Dancing – Ireland B) This dance has been taught to people suffering from Parkinson’s disease as a form of therapy.
3) Merengue – Dominican Republic C) This dance became popular in Russia where theaters contained sections with simple wooden benches so non-wealthy people could afford to attend performances.
4) Ballet – Italy during the Renaissance D) Hand movements represent different aspects of nature in this dance.
5) Hula – Hawaii E) The hard shoes worn for this dance have eight striking surfaces.
6) Tango – Argentina F) Carmen Miranda is thought to have brought this dance into America’s popular culture.
7) Viennese Waltz – Vienna, Austria G) This dance is danced at 180 beats per minute.
8) Limbo – Trinidad H) This dance was once considered a dance for the lower classes.
9) Samba – Brazil I) This competitive dance was created in the 1950s.

Now check your answers to see how many you got right!
Answer Key:
1. A   2. E   3. H   4. C   5. D   6. B   7. G   8. I   9. F
Share your score and your favorite dance in the comments below.

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