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Alex and Katie in Central ParkThis October Cruise Consultant Alex V. surprised his girlfriend of four years, Katie,  with a ring on a recent trip to New York City. The two met in 2009 through a mutual friend and just recently bought a home together near Annapolis, Md.

Alex has known for a while that Katie is the girl he wants to marry, but having just purchased a home, he knew he didn’t have the money for a proper engagement ring. However, he found out that Smyth Jewelers had a financing program and decided he could afford to do it.

After purchasing the ring, things got tricky. Since the couple live together, Alex faced suspicious looks from his fiance and had to think on his feet when Katie would question him about his odd behavior.

Alex decided to hide the receipt in the glove box of his car, but then while driving, Katie started to root around looking for a tissue. Alex had to quickly make up a small fib to get her to stop looking around, so he told her he had her birthday card in the glove box, and it wasn’t finished yet. Then when the ring came in he had to go pick it up so he told her he was going to run some errands, to which Katie asked to go along. Alex told her he wanted to do something on his own, which raised suspicion with Katie.

Luckily the ring came in around her birthday so Alex pulled it off by returning home with a birthday cake and a card. She had no clue, he said.

Before even getting the ring in his possession he suggested a trip to Niagara Falls for a getaway, thinking it would be a romantic place to ask, but she nixed that idea. Instead she suggested New York, so Alex found out about renting rowboats in Central Park and knew that’s where he would do it. The only problem was getting the ring, and the big box it came in, onto the boat with them.

He couldn’t put it in his pocket cause it would surely stick out. So he packed a backpack and a sweatshirt, despite the 70-degree weather, so he could hide the box and easily slip it out when the moment was right. Then they got in their rowboat on a beautiful afternoon surrounded by the natural beauty of central park, and the towering skyscrapers of the New York skyline.

As Alex was paddling Katie was taking pictures. Finally Alex told Katie to take a picture of the skyline and when she turned back around he had the ring out and asked her to marry him. “I don’t know if she said yes or not, all I saw were tears,” he said. “She jumped right into my arms. It was easily the happiest moment of my life.”

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