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10 Facts You Might Not Know About the Panama Canal

Panamanian FlagWith an extensive history and a major effort, there are lots of interesting statistics and facts associated with the Panama Canal. Here are 10 we think are either odd, fascinating or tell a greater story. Clicking on any of these will let you tweet their contents to spread the knowledge.
1. Despite his passion and zeal to have America build the Panama Canal, President Theodore Roosevelt never saw the canal after it was completed. Tweet this.
2. In 1936, the Queen Mary is the first ship too big for the 1,050- by 110-foot locks. By 2011 and estimated 37% of all ships are too big for the canal. Tweet this.
3. The lowest fare paid to travel the Panama Canal was $0.36, which was paid by Richard Halliburton, an American who swam the canal in 1928. Tweet this.
4. As of July 2011, the highest toll paid to cross the canal was $375,600 for the Norwegian Pearl in 2010. Tweet this.
5. In 1887, Gustave Eiffel, the architect most known for creating the Eiffel Tower, was contracted to build the canal’s locks during the French attempt.Tweet this.
6. Five percent of the world’s trade travels through the Panama Canal. Tweet this.
7. After a major fumigation effort, the last victim of yellow fever on the Panama Canal died on November 11, 1906. Tweet this.
8. During the French attempt, workers from the West Indies earned approximately $0.10 an hour. Tweet this.
9. President Roosevelt visits the Panama Canal during construction in 1906 marking the first time a U.S. president travels out of the country to make a state visit. Tweet this.
10. More than 60 million pounds of dynamite were used to create the Panama Canal. Tweet this.
Can you imagine earning only $0.10 an hour to dig all that land? Or how about the idea of swimming from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans? Be sure to share these facts with your friends!
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