Tips and Tricks on the Norwegian Breakaway

By Erica Kritt, Social Media Coordinator, The Cruise Web, Inc.

How to get the electricity to work.The Norwegian Breakaway was packed with great fun features, but my colleagues and I discovered a lot of intricacies that you just may not know about until you experience the Breakaway in all her glory. Here’s a list of helpful tips to use when you are onboard.

I stepped into my cabin and I tried to turn the light on to go to the bathroom, then I tried to turn the TV on, nothing. I called up the front desk to let them know our cabin didn’t have any electricity. They told me all I had to do was put my room key into the silver apparatus by the door (pictured to the right) and all the cabin’s electricity would work. This is a handy little trick that a lot of cruise lines are now utilizing to help save energy. Remember, if you leave any cameras or phones charging, once you take the key out there will be no electricity going through your outlets.Light Switch

Turning Off the Lights
When lying in bed, there is a light switch up against the wall that will turn off all the lights in the stateroom, but not the lights on the sides of the bed. I tried all the light switches in the room before realizing these little bed-side lights have tiny on/off switches on them that blend in very well. Check out the photo to the right for help, especially when you are lying in bed.

If your stateroom has a sofa, check the drawers underneath for spare towels.

Extra Amenities
It seems that no matter what ship you are on, finding the hair dryer is something of a challenge. On the Breakaway the hair dryers are in a holster underneath the vanity. The vanity also comes with a cushy little seat which can double as a foot rest. On top of the foot rest is a smooth lacquered piece of wood that can be used as a table for breakfast in bed or for a little in room snack from room service.

Hot Dog CartWhere to Eat
The ship is big, so you might have trouble finding a restaurant or bar, especially if that food feature is on wheels. To find the Sabrett hot dog cart head to Spice H20 on the aft of the pool deck. However, there are supposed to be three carts onboard located on the Waterfront, pool deck and forward deck so keep your eyes peeled for the yellow and blue umbrella.

Didn’t get a reservation for a specialty restaurant you’ve been dying to try? Visit the restaurant for a standby reservation. There’s a chance an opening will become available, especially if you arrive early.

Before You Board
Be sure to make as many reservations as possible beforehand. Many of the ships features fill up fast, especially the ice bar, and you want to make sure you can experience all the Norwegian Breakaway has to offer.

Do you have any tips for sailing on the Breakaway?

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Hi Anita,

Congratulations on booking your second Norwegian cruise!

Norwegian does have a lovely Fitness Center, typically open from 6am to 11pm, and they do offer a variety of classes including yoga. Please contact me with the ship and sail date of your cruise and I will be happy to find the specifics and availability of the yoga classes during your sailing.


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