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Barbie Teams Up with Royal Caribbean for Pink Parties

Barbie Girl

Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean InternationalFor decades Barbie has been young girls’ best friend, their role model and their fashion icon. Over the decades Barbie has also conquered the world as a doctor, police officer, CEO and even an astronaut. Well now Barbie is getting her sea legs and will be a permanent feature on all Royal Caribbean ships.
For girls participating in Royal Caribbean’s Adventure Ocean youth program there will be Barbie Movie Night and Barbie Story Time, along with other Barbie-themed activities. Barbie movies will also be playing on the TVs in the ship’s staterooms.
For extra special Barbie features, parents can choose to give their child’s cabin the full Barbie treatment with a room decorated with special Barbie touches and invites to exclusive Barbie events.
The Barbie Premium Experience, which costs an additional $349, includes takeaways like a Barbie blanket, pillowcase, tote bag, toothbrush and toiletry bag along with a Barbie doll and Barbie clothes.
The recipient of the experience will get to attend the Tiaras & Teacups party where they will learn about table etiquette as they sip pink lemonade and dine on pink pastries. They will also attend a Mermaid dance class where the girls will learn the latest dance moves from the movie Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2. They will be able to sketch and create fashions for their Barbie dolls at the Fashion Designer Workshop and they will also get to showcase all they’ve learned at a fashion show where they will walk a pink carpet and perform the dance routine they learned in dance class.
The Barbie Premium Experience will be on all of Royal Caribbean’s 22 ships by March 2013, but will roll out on a few ships starting in January 2013. Contact your Cruise Web Consultant to find out more about how to get this package on your next cruise.
Are you excited to hve Barbie onboard? We’d love to hear your opinions about this new feature and your feelings about Barbie. Please share your stories in the comment section below!
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The Cruise Web, Inc.


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