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BostonBoston is arguably the most American city in the country.   Children in America spend days in school learning about the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s ride warning that the British were coming and the shot heard round the world. It also happens to be a fairly popular city for cruises with more than 300,000 travelers making their way to or from the port. So we at The Cruise Web wanted to highlight some of the fun things to do if you are cruising from Boston or cruising to Boston.


Bostonians never have to go a month without rooting for their home team. All their bases are covered. Not only can you see the seasons change by the color of the foliage, but by the color of the clothes people wear.

  • From spring through fall the city dons red caps and jerseys in support of the Boston Red Sox, who play at Fenway Park,  Major League Baseball’s oldest ballpark.
  • During fall the hats change to blue to support the New England Patriots, headed by quarterback Tom Brady.
  • In winter and spring the town is split between green gear for the Boston Celtics basketball team and yellow for the Boston Bruins, a professional hockey team.

No matter which season finds you in Boston, you’ll have a chance to enjoy some of the most storied teams in all of sports.


Boston is a diverse city with plenty of food to choose from, but the classic Boston dishes include seafood.

  • It’s not called Beantown for nothing. Boston Baked Beans are known for being made with maple syrup and salt pork.
  • Seafood is the pride of New England and there really is no better place to get a lobster roll or a bowl of clam chowder.
  • When you think of Little Italy, most people think of New York, but Boston’s version of Little Italy is called the North End and it’s packed with authentic Italian restaurants. Don’t forget to take a stance in the  cannoli wars by trying the treat from  both Mike’s bakery and Modern’s bakery.


Boston has a lot of great cultural institutions that offer visitors a unique Boston experience.

  • The Boston Pops are most known for their 4th of July concert where they put a soundtrack to the booms and bursts of the celebratory fireworks, but they also perform their versions of everyone’s favorite popular songs  year round.
  • Boston is also home to the most colleges and universities in the country, most notably Harvard. Tours are offered year round so you can say you attended Harvard, if only for an afternoon.
  • The Boston Museum of Fine Arts just completed a major expansion in 2010. The expansion included a brand new Art of the Americas wing to showcase some of the country’s finest paintings of the revolutionary period and beyond.

President Kennedy's childhood homeHistory

Home to three presidents and many other notable figures, Boston is rich with stories from the past.

  • Spend a day outdoors walking through the Boston Common all the way to the Old North Church on the Freedom Trail, which guides you through the city along some of the most significant spots in the nation’s road to revolution.
  • Visit the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum to get a grip on the issues facing President Kennedy during his presidency. You can also stop over and see the house he was born in and hear Kennedy family stories.
  • Drive out to Lexington and see the battlefield where the American Revolution began.

The Cruise Web, Inc.
The Cruise Web, Inc.


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