Avalon Waterways Adds More Choices

Courtesy of Avalon Waterways.
Starting in 2013, passengers on any Avalon Waterways’ river cruise will have more options when it comes to touring ports and dining. This week the company announced a new initiative called Avalon Choice. “Now, and only with Avalon, at every turn, cruisers will enjoy the luxury of choice,” said Patrick Clark, managing director for Avalon Waterways.
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Here is a breakdown of the options available.

  • Essential Sightseeing: This option is for those who want a quick highlights tour with a lot more time to explore on their own.
  • Traditional Sightseeing: This tour is the normal paced port tour the cruise line has always offered.
  • Leisurely Sightseeing: This tour slows down the pace offering more time to spend at locations on the tour.
  • Specific Tour: In many ports there will be options to explore one specific attraction in-depth.

For travelers looking for more active adventures, Nordic walking sticks are available along with guided bike excursions at some European ports.

  • Traditional: Passengers will always have the luxury of a four or five course dinner served in the main dining room.
  • Panorama Bistro: For those looking for a lighter dinner, a meal featuring local specialties and regional wines will be served.
  • Events: Avalon will be offering tastings of ports’ famous delicacies and on occasion a local chef will step on board to make some authentic food from the region.

In addition to these new options the cruise line will be initiating their Culture & Cruise program where local artisans and intellectuals spend time on the ship demonstrating and lecturing about their craft or specialty.

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