6 Nutrition Tips While On a Cruise

By The Cruise Web, Inc.

Some people think of a cruise as an opportunity to stuff their face with delicious foods any time of the day and night. While that is certainly an option, those looking to maintain their healthy diet don’t need to fret, because there are a lot of ways a cruise caters to people looking for a nutritious and delicious experience.

Here are our simple tips for healthy eating while on a cruise, no exercise necessary!

  1. Say “No” to the drink package: Alcohol and soda are silent calorie bombs. Tropical alcoholic beverages can contain more than 200 calories a glass. So skip the drink package and stick with water. You can always add on a drink here or there.
  2. Take your time: You’re on vacation, there is no rush, so eat slowly. You will wind up eating less and it helps you realize when you feel full.
  3. Sample: Turn a buffet from a battle to a breeze by simply sampling. Your eyes are always bigger than your stomach so just take a bite of that pie or one spoonful of that pasta. You won’t miss out.
  4. An eye for an eye: For every guilty food you eat, eat a nutritious item at your next meal. So if you must have that donut for breakfast, make sure you have a salad with lunch. There are fruits and vegetables everywhere so it won’t be a problem to fill yourself with these “good” foods.
  5. Drink up: Since you didn’t get the drink package you shouldn’t have a lot of issues drinking water, so stay hydrated. Water nourishes the body and it can also make you feel full so you don’t have to resort to chomping down some bread to satisfy your craving.
  6. Be adventurous: A cruise will have a variety of foods from hamburgers and hot dogs to rare delicacies like lobster and steak. Treat a cruise as a chance to try the finer things in life and skip the hot dogs and pizza.

For more tips and a different perspective, check out cruise blogger Shon Ford’s lament about avoiding the buffets.

But remember this is your vacation so do what makes you happy and worry about it when you get home.

The Cruise Web, Inc.
The Cruise Web, Inc.


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