Why Bermuda Never Gets Old

By Beth King, Cruise Consultant, The Cruise Web.

When one of my co-workers asked me why I have been on so many Bermuda cruises and why I was so excited to be going again, it was an easy and quick answer, because I love it there! Okay, the truth is I love any cruise regardless of where it goes, but there is something about a Bermuda cruise that is just a little more special than all the other cruises I have been on.

The island itself is gorgeous and from the first step off the ship you can smell the clean floral air.  Since the government does not allow large cars, except for licensed tour guides, there really is less pollution, hence the clean floral smell.  Another thing you’ll notice the moment you step off the ship is Bermuda’s unique culture. The combination of a British colonialism and African heritage creates a distinct culture unlike anywhere else, with Britain’s strong influence  in the government and African influences in the arts.

Bermuda has some beautiful beaches, fishing, snorkeling, boating and everything else that goes along with island living.  They have beautiful public beaches, including one of my all-time favorites, Horseshoe Bay. This is a public beach where my family and I go on every visit.  They have rentals for chairs, umbrellas, snorkeling gear and even an ice cream and snack shop right there.  As you walk down towards the beach, you are immediately struck by the pink sand and the cliffs that surround the beach on both the left of right. The sand is the softest sand I have ever felt and when the sun shines down, the pink (from the coral) sparkles giving the illusion of gems scattered throughout the sand.

Unlike some Caribbean islands where the water is so calm and there’s almost never a wave, this beach always has enough waves to thrill.  Perhaps it’s the location on the right side of the island or the cliffs that hug the beach that create just enough waves to make it exciting yet still calm enough that even my daughter, a bad swimmer, can still have fun and be safe.

Bermuda has some decent shopping, but you won’t find the same deals you’ll see in many other Caribbean islands.  Since the island is British, you will find items such as wool and china, but the prices are a bit high since everything is imported. There is one item that I do buy when I can find it and it is a banana and rum spread.  I have never seen it anywhere else and it is delicious, so if you see it in any of the shops, try it.  There is also fun nightlife on the island, but on most of my Bermuda cruises my family and I opt to stay on board the ship at night. After all, with the shows, dancing and deck parties on board, why venture out on the island?

Since the majority of the cruises going to Bermuda dock there for a few days, the whole feel of the cruise is different from most others.  The rushing back from your tour or the day at the beach is not an issue, unless it is the last day docked there.  This makes for an entirely different level of enjoyment knowing you can relax, enjoy the day and not have to rush everything into a few hours.

Depending on where you dock on the island, I strongly suggest spending at least one day at Horseshoe Bay.  You can get a bus pass for a day or two and use their public transportation or even rent a moped, but I prefer to share a taxi ride with some other passengers.  The price is the same so the more you have sharing the ride, the less per person you spend!  The drivers are always friendly and love sharing their knowledge of the island, and they’ll sometimes even stop along the way to take advantage of the awesome views.  The pastel colored homes are a sight to see and it’s funny how everyone seems to know everyone else on the island.  As drivers pass one another, they will honk their horn and wave hello.

This island will never bore me and with the ease of sailing from New  Jersey, New YorkBoston and Baltimore, many East Coast residents don’t even have to fly to get to a port of departure (although this island cruise is worth the cost and time of a flight for sure). If you are flying in to one of the departure cities, think about adding a pre- or post-cruise package to take advantage of the cities unique sights. Since the Bermuda cruising season is short, mid April through September, space books up fast, especially during the months of June through mid-August. Also, staterooms holding three or four passengers book the fastest.

Who knows, after one Bermuda cruise you may be asked the same question, why another Bermuda cruise? And hopefully you’ll share my passion for this wonderful vacation spot!

Beth King
Cruise Consultant
The Cruise Web, Inc.


1 Dick Taylor { 02.22.12 at 1:49 pm }

My name is Dick Taylor, I am 70 yrs old and have been on 3 cruises before this. I am a retired US Army veteran of 25+yrs. Our 1st 2 cruises were to the Eastern and Western Caribbean. But since my wife passed away this past Oct. 17th, I felt that taking my 2 daughters ages 47 & 48 single mom’s who in no way could even have the money to go on any kind of cruise might like to take their 1st and where else Bermuda? What kind of cruise could you go on working and saving as a waitress? I think their mom would approve. She so loved the ocean. I have never been there myself, and since booking for June from Boston, they are counting the days. Talk about being excited, as am I. Just want to see the look on their faces when we first see the ship docked in Boston, and then when they board and off we go. We are all so looking forward to this trip, and want to see as much as we can while we are there. Thank you so much Cruise Web for helping us and we appreciate everything you have done for us. You are the best, and I can’t wait till I can book a cruise just for me grandpa.

2 David Feagans - The Cruise Web, Inc. { 02.23.12 at 3:24 pm }

Dick, I’m so glad I could help. This will be quite a memorable trip and I am very excited for you!

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