Bermuda Trivia

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Browse some interesting Bermuda trivia and see how much you really know about this fascinating little island.

  • Bermuda’s pink sand beaches get their color from the surrounding coral reefs.
  • Bermuda has a total area of 20.6 square miles.
  • Bermuda grass is not native to the island and is considered an invasive species.
  • Bermuda is the oldest and most populous remaining British overseas territory.
  • The nearest landmass to Bermuda is North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras.
  • Bermuda consists of 181 islands.
  • Bermuda was discovered in 1505 by Spanish explorer Juan de Bermudez.
  • Tourism is Bermuda’s second largest industry, behind finance and international business.
  • Bermuda has a population of roughly 64,000.

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