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Feature Port: Saint John, New Brunswick

Courtesy of Saint John Port Authority.
As Canada’s oldest incorporated city, Saint John has been welcoming people from eastern Europe, England, and Ireland for centuries. Each group of immigrants has left their indelible imprint on Saint John culture, architecture, and language. Natural wonders are at the doorstep, and non-stop city activities offer endless possibilities. Saint John, New Brunswick, where natural and historical attractions and the warmth of its people await you.
You will be awed as you descend to the ocean floor and walk where just hours earlier, 200 billion tonnes of seawater covered with churning tides. At low tide, visit and explore the St. Martins Sea Caves or at high tide, kayak above the same very spot. Whether you explore by foot, by car, by pedal, or paddle, the Bay of Fundy delivers an ocean of wonderful-filled adventure. A day’s sail from New York, Saint John offers the old-world charm of a historic seaport and a base for exciting Bay of Fundy eco-adventures.
Saint John takes great pride in its history and has restored many of the original buildings and homes of the early settlers, a walk down  Prince William St. is like taking a walk in the past.
Top Experiences
Reversing Falls
The Reversing Falls is a unique phenomenon caused by the tremendous tide in the Bay of Fundy.  At low tide, the St. John River empties into the bay through a rocky gorge.  Once the tide is higher than the river, the reversal of the current occurs and continues until high tide.  It is recommended to view the Falls twice – near low tide and near high tide.  View this wonder from two vantage points – Fallsview Park and the Falls Restaurant observation deck.
St. Martin’s Sea Caves
Discover how this coastline was carved over centuries by crashing waves. Explore sea caves at low tide and then hike up to the sea cliffs and watch the incoming tide fill them with water.
Harbour Passage
Harbour Passage is a system of walking and biking trails, lookouts, and heritage sites extending along the Saint John Harbour. Showing spectacular views of the St. John River meeting the Bay of Fundy and a beautiful scenic walk to the world-famous Reversing Falls.
Hopewell Rocks
Located on the shores of the upper reaches of the Bay of Fundy, are the fascinating Hopewell Rocks. Over the centuries since the retreat of the glaciers, at the end of the last ice age, these rocks have been sculpted by the extreme and powerful tides of the Bay of Fundy. It is these same tides that can be seen rising up to almost fifty feet, covering the bottom part of the rocks, and making it impossible to walk where moments ago had been dry land. This is a unique and truly amazing sight that is essential to any Bay of Fundy adventure!
Fundy Trail
The ultimate Bay of Fundy eco-adventure! Drive the paved parkway that hugs the coastal cliffs. Lace up your hiking boots and hop on your mountain bike and explore the trails. These connect to paths and stairways which lead to pristine beaches and tumbling waterfalls, Precambrian rocks, and cliffs that tower at the water’s edge. If that doesn’t take your breath away, just check out the view – the spectacular, stunning Bay of Fundy!
Irving Nature Park
Irving Nature Park, a 243-hectare (600 acre) site, was created by J.D. Irving, Limited to help protect an environmentally significant, endangered area. After an extensive clean-up effort, the land has returned to a natural state, and it is being protected so that it may continue its invaluable environmental role. This special part of the Fundy Coast is now a place where the public can enjoy the various ecosystems of Southern New Brunswick’s coast.
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The Cruise Web, Inc.

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