Windstar Cruises Announces Fleet Expansion with Two New Motor-Yachts

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During the Windstar Cruises 2024 Seatrade Press Conference, Chris Prelog, President of Windstar, announced the exciting expansion of the company’s fleet with the acquisition of two new motor-yacht ships. These additions, named Star Seeker and Star Explorer, are set to debut in December 2025 and 2026, respectively. 

This strategic expansion will increase the cruise line’s capacity by 33 percent, allowing for exploration of new regions. The president expressed his excitement about this growth, emphasizing Windstar’s commitment to providing an intimate and unique small ship experience. 

The new yachts will feature Windstar-specific additions, consistent with the existing motor yachts in the fleet. They will offer a full suite of amenities, including a dedicated crew, exceptional service, a marina, a unique ambiance, a variety of dining options, and an open bridge policy. 

The Star Seeker is currently under construction, while the Star Explorer, built in 2019, will undergo extensive modifications. Both ships are all-suite motor yachts, with the Star Seeker’s itineraries set to be confirmed and bookable by June 2024. 

Each yacht will carry up to 224 guests and 130 crew members, with 112 suites onboard. The suites range from veranda suites with full balconies to large one-bedroom Owner’s suites with wraparound balconies. Additionally, the ships will feature a watersports platform, various dining options, social spaces, a WorldSpa by Windstar, a fitness room, a pool, and whirlpools. 

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This announcement marks a significant milestone in Windstar Cruises’ journey, as they continue to innovate and provide exceptional experiences for their guests. The new ships promise to uphold the company’s high standards of luxury and adventure on the seas. 


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