West Coast, Best Coast: 2021 West Coast Cruises

2021 West Coast Cruises from San Francisco

2021 West Coast Cruises

With the long-awaited return to cruising finally upon us, cruise lines have been announcing their 2021 United States restart dates day after day. While the popular east coast ports of Florida and New York have owned in the spotlight, the U.S. west coast is home to plenty more phenomenal departure ports not to be overlooked. Here, we will take a look into the ports that the westernmost United States has to offer, and their unique experiences that make for pre- and post-cruise vacations of themselves. Explore below for more about what cruise lines are offering for 2021 West Coast cruises:

Los Angeles Cruises

Famous for its beautiful beaches and rich, diverse culture, the City of Angels has much to offer for an unforgettable pre- and post-cruise experience. Film buffs may enjoy exploring Hollywood and experiencing the TV and movie industry hub first-hand, or strolling past their favorite actors’ names etched into the Hollywood walk of fame. Los Angeles has plenty to offer for music aficionados as well, as the city is home to the Los Angeles Music Center, Walt Disney Concert Hall, and the famous Los Angeles Philharmonic. Whether travelers want to experience the culture of the city or to relax and kick back on the beach in Malibu, Los Angeles will never disappoint.

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San Francisco Cruises

It all began for this one-of-a-kind city in the year 1849, when the Gold Rush increased San Francisco’s population from 1,000 people to 25,000 people in just on year. Since then, San Francisco has grown to a whopping 875,000 people and is home to many famous sites like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. Ride the last functioning cable-car system in the United States, wander through Golden Gate Park and enjoy the beautiful flowers and trees, or check out the Mission, home to the city’s oldest building during your stay in San Francisco.

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San Diego Cruises

Bordering Tijuana, San Diego is the second most populous city in California and home to some of the nicest weather anywhere. The port of San Diego is equipped with incredible facilities, including the historic Broadway pier which doubles as a cruise ship terminal and public venue. To no surprise, almost all the top cruise lines go through San Diego as it is a city with much to offer. Whether you choose to go out to a Padres baseball game, seek thrills at the Belmont amusement park, or relax and enjoy the Southern California weather, San Diego makes for a wonderful stay in addition to your cruise.

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Alaska Cruises

No matter which departure port you visit in the last frontier, Alaska never ceases to amaze with its breathtaking sights and ever spirited wildlife. Sail from Alaska’s state capital of Juneau, the nation’s only state capital with no roads in or out of the city. Seward, most known for its picturesque views and many visitors’ attractions, is one of the state’s oldest and most scenic towns. The towns of Skagway, Whittier, and Fairbanks also serve as Alaskan departure ports, and have no shortage themselves of beautiful views and vivacious wildlife.

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