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Top 5 Norwegian Cruise Line Destinations You Can Visit

Do you seek a nice offer to make your holidays unforgettable? Going on a cruise is always a brilliant idea. You can visit a few destinations within one sailing and enjoy the advanced amenities and activities on board. Norwegian Cruise Line offers some of the best deals, the highest quality service, accommodations, and cruise programs. Still, many potential guests want to know where does Norwegian Cruise Line go. Essentially, there are a lot of choices for destinations. Today, we’ll introduce you to Norwegian Cruise destinations that are worth your attention.

What are the best Norwegian Cruise Destinations?

Northern Europe 

Norwegian Cruise Destinations: Northern Europe

Europe remains one of Norwegian’s most breathtaking destinations. Apart from the Mediterranean, this cruise line also offers routes to Northern Europe. Guests can sail to the famous Baltic cities, including Stockholm (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), Tallinn (Estonia), and St. Petersburg (Russia). Cruises that take passengers to the UK, Iceland, and Ireland are also available. Ships for a Norwegian Cruise to Europe typically set off in Reykjavik (Iceland), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark), and more. Passengers have the opportunity to enjoy the great atmosphere of Old Europe in the voyages that last from 3 to 19 nights.

The Caribbean

Norwegian Cruise Destinations: Caribbean

The Caribbean was always a top destination Norwegian Cruise Line since they started sailing in 1966! Caribbean programs often ensure guests seven-night voyages and three itinerary categories: Norwegian Cruises Western Caribbean, and Eastern and Southern cruises. Western voyages include visiting ports in Honduras, Belize, and Mexico. Eastern cruises involve ports in the Dominican Republic and the British Virgin Islands, while the Southern itinerary provides visiting ports in Puerto Rico.


Norwegian Cruise Destinations: Hawaii

For multiple cruisers, the best Norwegian cruise visits the Hawaiian Islands. Interestingly, this cruise line offers sailings to the Hawaiian Islands every week around a year. Guests can spend two days on each island – Hawaii, Kauai, and Maui. The pleasant climate, crystal blue water, and white sand make the Hawaiian route a favorite for many passengers.


Norwegian Cruise Destinations: Alaska

Alaska is such a popular destination for Norwegian cruisers that there are mulitple ships sailing to Alaska every summer, each with their own unique offerings and classic Norwegian Cruise Line favorites! Cruisers can visit the most popular places in this Norwegian cruise location, like Fairbanks and Denali National Park. Alaska is an excellent option for everyone who wants to see the unspoiled nature and rich wildlife from the deck of a ship.


Norwegian Cruise Destinations: Bermuda

This Norwegian Cruise Line destination is typically sailed to from New York and Boston. Cruises are mostly seven-night length with a two-night stay in Bermuda. However, the shorter cruises will limit the time in the country up to several hours.

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